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Which Playable Race do World of Warcraft Players Want?

Which Playable Race do World of Warcraft Players Want?

Which Playable Race do World of Warcraft Players Want?

This is a question that I asked back in June 2019 on our guild website.

Earlier this week, I added the poll to the front page of WoW Adventurer and asked people via twitter to add their responses.

Late last week, I made my opinion known on the two most recent allied races that are being added to World of Warcraft in Battle for Azeroth in Patch 8.3 Visions of N’Zoth.

Why ask the question in the first place?

Well I wanted to find out if my own playable race wishlist was similar to other players, or if there was a huge disparity of opinion.

Which Allied/Playable Races did I include in the Poll and Why?

Pick a Playable Race : The Ancient, The Furry or The Webbed

(Man’ari) Eredar

‘Eredar’ is the race of people who would eventually become Man’ari (corrupted by fel magic through Kil’jaeden) – the remaining ones who escaped corruption and fled Argus, led by Velen aboard the Genedar became what we know to be ‘Draenei’ (exiled ones).*



Furbolg history dates back to pre-sundering times, when Jarod Shadowsong led the night elves during a time of great resistance to the Burning Legion and invited Furbolgs along with Tauren and Earthen to fight within the night elf army.*

Gilblins (Gilgoblins/Kelfin)

These guys were first introduced during Cataclysm (Vashj’ir), have emerged again in Nazjatar as the Unshackled (faction) that assist the horde as allies. They work as an allied race due to them being a variation on a main race. i.e. they are like goblins, but have gills, fins and webbed hands and feet.*1

Playable Race : The Fishy, The Shiny or The Upgraded


The Jinyu are mentioned in World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume I as arising as a species 15 000 before the dark portal, drawn by the power in the Vale of the Eternal Blossom. They are described as ‘fish-like’ mystics.

Jaina asks the Ankoan in the Nazjatar (Patch 8.2) unlocking quest if they are kin of the Jinyu, (no doubt due to their very similar appearance) and the Ankoan reply that they left the land long ago (which is neither confirmation nor condemnation of this fact).

Lightbound Undead

Calia Menethil (older sister of Arthas) was a human who survived the fall of Lordaeron. She was murdered by Sylvanas Windrunner (personally) when she attempted to reunite members of the forsaken with their human family – please read Before the Storm, by Christie Golden for the full story. 

She is raised from the dead in the Netherlight Temple by Saar’a a Naaru along with Anduin and Alonsus Faol. This has led to speculation that she may (after the events of 8.3 with Sylvanas disappearing) wish to go and guide her people. (Who by definition would be citizens of Lordaeron…who by definition are undead or forsaken – which leads to further speculation about the future of the forsaken within the Horde.


Mechagnomes as they are being introduced in Patch 8.3, are emerging from Mechagon where they’ve been in isolation since leaving Gnomregan – but where they were ruled over by the tyrant King Mechagon.

If you look back at lore however – there’s some evidence(*2) that original Mechagnomes were a titan construct  who became inflicted with the ‘Curse of Flesh’ – which led to the establishment of current gnomes. 

Playable Race : The Slimey, The Bashy or The Bloody


The Naga were formed when the Well of Eternity was destroyed and the Sundering tore Kalimdor apart, drawing Queen Azshara and her highborne into the depths of the Maelstrom. You can see part of this story in the Warbringers: Azshara short. Some of the highborne were cursed and warped into a new race, that we now know of as Naga.*

Until Patch 8.2 when she re-emerges in dramatic fashion, Queen Azshara has been alluded to, or appeared briefly in storylines here and there, all whilst building her empire in the ocean’s depths.


According to TheOfficial Beastiary Wikia, Ogres are, “large, brutish humanoids of notable strength.”*3

They once made an alliance with the Horde and accompanied them through the dark portal to Azeroth. The monstrous 2-headed versions were apparently created by Gul’dan (bloody typical eh?) But the Ogre race itself was created ‘at the beginning’ when Draenor was formed.

Such is the support for Ogres as a playable race, that there is even a website dedicated to discussing the possibility of Ogres.

San’layn (or Darkfallen)

Another race with a great deal of player support to become playable are the San’layn a group of vampiric blood elves who used to be under the leadership of Kael’thas Sunstrider, but who were raised from the dead by Arthas after being defeated at the Frozen Throne.*4

Playable Race : The Lizardy, The Snekky or The Get off My Lawns


I first learned about Saurok the hard way. By aggro’ing too many of them during Mists of Pandaria.

What I remember about them, is enjoying farming the cr*p out of them using Potion of Luck in one spot in the Jade Forest, which was so lucrative that it was sadly nerfed into oblivion, because fun detected

According to Lore, they were created by the Mogu by empowering the local wildlife*5 (I’m paraphrasing with wild abandon here) who then did a classic ‘turning on their creators’ move and became fully sentient and rebellious.


We first meet the Sethrak in Battle for Azeroth. Their movement is so unique and snakey and the looking pretty damn awesome. I can’t help feeling that with this level of effort put into a completely unique race – that we still *MIGHT* see them introduced as either Alliance, or neutral.

They also have knowledge on how to contain Old Gods, so I can’t help feeling like their story is about to go…the Azerothian version of viral!

 “Sulthis, Vorrik, and Korthek worked together to seal Mythrax within the great pyramid.”*6


The Tortollan are amphibious creatures who have survived for millenia – although they only appeared recently, first in Hearthstone and in Battle for Azeroth. According to WoWPedia*7 they originated on Zandalar, but their thirst for adventure led them to further shores, including Kul Tiras.

Playable Race : The Tusky, The Can’t Believe the Horde Got These and The Dwaves could become Druids Clan


We first meet the Tuskar (or Tuskarr) in Northrend during Wrath of the Lich King. According to Blizzardwatch, they’re, “similar to the Tauren…nomadic, kind and relatively peaceful.”*8

Their case to ascend to allied race status has been observed with greater visibility due to the repeated humourous ministrations of Taliesin and Evitel who mention them frequently in their Weekly Reset videos. Whether serious or not, one cannot deny their unique appeal to the playerbase.

Vulpera (Voldunai)

The Vulpera drew instant attention during Beta for BFA, when dataminers discovered they had more functions than regular NPCs immediately sparking speculation that they might become a playable race.

Our first experience of them is in BFA, where their home has traditionally been amongst the dunes of Voldun, but in order to escape oppression from the Sethrak, they see a new opportunity amongst the horde (plus they’re built on goblin animation rigs -but other than that have no known link to goblins themselves) and are off on adventure.*9

Wildhammer Dwarves

I think the desire to add Wildhammer Dwarves has borne out of the players desire to see greater cosmetic customization options available to them when they pick dwarves. 

However it came to my attention via a guildie that the Wildhammer clan have a particular affinity for nature and nature magic (one can observe their affinity with Gryphons in particular) that makes one wonder if they might be suited to becoming druids? It would be great to have another druid race option, Alliance side.

Races that I did not include:

The following races were sent to me via twitter, but to preserve the integrity of the poll as much as possible, I didn’t include them in the final results.



Broken Draenei

Cat people (Ramkahen/Saberon?)



Forest Trolls


Half Elves

High Elves

Lich Race


Mok’thanol Orcs


Nathanos Undead


Thin Humans


Out of these, the High Elves were the most requested, but I hadn’t added them to the poll initially because Ion Hazzikostas all but said they’d never be a playable race due to most of them having been wiped out and that basically the remaining ones (give or take a handful) were basically Blood Elves.



p.s. raised eyebrow and cheeky smirk added using photoshop.


What Playable Race do World of Warcraft Players really want?

A few things to note:

I drew the responses to the poll into MS Excel and generated a bar chart. I then created the image you see below in Photoshop. It won’t be pixel accurate, but damnit it’s pretty.

The name of the race in question is on the left. The percentage as calculated by MS Excel is shown at the end of the bar and the number of votes received is in brackets at the end of the bar.

I stopped taking responses at noon on Thursday 17th Oct 2019, so any responses after that have not been recorded.

Please note:  Clicking on the image will allow you to view it full size (2560 x 1440px)

What Conclusions can we draw from this?

With a little over 350 responses, it’s hardly a survey of the entire playerbase, however, neither are polls for presidential elections and they usually tell a pretty good story about what people want.

Sethrak are by far the most wanted playable race at the moment. I have a feeling that Blizzard already know this and I’ll just go ahead and call it now that I think we’ll still see these guys become playable.

Mechagnomes, at just 3% ? I’m guessing that Blizzard anticipated their lukewarm welcome and that’s why their racials are (right now) extremely overpowered.  When they go live and are eventually more established I’m sure we’ll see a much higher percentage of the player base race-changing to them solely because of the OP racials.

I’m surprised that San’layn are higher than Vulpera in terms of overall votes. You guys are all bloodthirsty mofo’s, or fans of Twilight. I can’t decide.

Light-bound Undead are probably a foreign concept to most of the playerbase right now – I can’t help feeling that when more people wake up to Calia Menethil’s story, that we’ll see a surge in requests for these. (For the ALLIANCE!!!)

I’ve said previously that I think Gilblin would be a more equal choice as a counterpart to Mechagnomes. Their extremely low percentage actually agrees with my assertion, but I think that Blizzard wisely dodged a bullet by not introducing them. 

Let me know if you have any other races that you want to be playable that are not listed in this post! Do you think Blizzard will make Sethrak playable? Do you think we’ll get any more allied races before the end of BFA?

Happy adventuring!

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