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Two Point Hospital Close Encounters

Two Point Hospital Close Encounters has the same wacky sense of humour that I wrote about previously.

As a reminder; Two Point Hospital is available through Steam (at time of writing the base game is 50% off – and it’s a free weekend until Monday 2nd September 2019 at 10am Pacific Time)a – Go get it now!

Two Point Hospital is a multiplatform gameĀ and colony management sim for Windows PC, Xbox, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch (finally a reason I might pick up a Switch)*

As with the previous two DLCs, Two Point Hospital Close Encounters adds a new area with three new hospitals to play – and multiple new silly illnesses to discover and conditions to treat.

The area called Goldpan is themed around a 1950’s vibe town – clearly an homage to the Roswell incident and the graphics are as charming as ever in that typical Two Point Hospital style.

1950’s Style Cars

Van with Satellite Dish

Airstream Trailer

The premise of Two Point Hospital Close Encounters, is that the Extra Terrestrials landed long ago and their only mission is one of curiosity.

What do the Little Green Men Do?

Multiple Extra Terrestrials joining your hospital queues just out of interest…will slow down your treatments – and since they don’t pay for their diagnosis or treatments, you’ll want to find them as fast as possible and let them know it’s time to go home…

How do you discover the Extra-Terrestrials?

So how exactly do you discover who is little green man and who isn’t?

You observe them closely.

The game mechanic is similar to when you would treat an epidemic in the base game – but it’s far less stressful as there is no time limit except for how much pressure their presence will add to your queue times.

An actual Flying Saucer shows up to beam them up…I love it.

Who goes there?

The most obvious thing that you can see (and hear) is that the Extra Terrestrials appearance generator ‘fails’ and they momentarily flash to ET form, and then might change appearance entirely to look like someone else.

They also do some out of character gestures such as ‘taking notes’ and gesturing with what appears to be a test tube, as if they are firing a laser – it happens quite fast – so forgive me if the details are a tiny bit different.

How do you send the Extra-Terrestrials home?

If you correctly select an Extra-Terrestrial and click the ‘Send Patient Home’ button they immediately transform into their true selves, do some dance moves and then rather dejectedly walk out of the hospital, shortening your queues!

My only quibble with this DLC is that the first hospital you manage, doesn’t allow you to buy the adjoining plots, but they are hidden behind quest objectives that need to be fulfilled. This was a mechanic I first saw in the Pebberley Island expansion kit and honestly, I’m not a fan.

I don’t know yet if the remaining two hospitals employ the same mechanic – but either way – I will enjoy the process of finding out.

Don’t forget that right now (at time of writing) – the base game is 50% off – and the DLC is barely the price of two takeaway coffees and a brownie – and totally worth it !

Here’s to many more fun hours spent managing Hospitals!

Below is the official Sega reveal video for Two Point Hospital Close Encounters

* Close Encounters DLC available on PC as of yesterday 29th August 2019 and coming to other platforms December 2019.

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