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Tortollan Quest, which is your favourite?

What’s your favourite Tortollan Quest?

My favourite quest is probably Calligraphy: the circle one because it’s the fastest, but I’d have to say Shell Game, for the one I enjoy the most.

It used to really bug me that there were only ever 2 Tortollan quests up on my home continent – and I’d always have to trek to the other one to complete the emissary. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m doing fewer WQ at the moment, or if it’s something the devs actively fixed, but I’m consistently finding at least 3 up at any one time now.

My least favourite Tortollan quest isĀ  Calligraphy: the triangle because I’m always accurate AF (or so I think) – and it’s never accepted the first time.

I’m also not a huge fan of Cycle of Life, but it’s grown on me since it was first launched.

Personally, I find them all interesting compared to the Kirrin Tor ones from Legion which I found rather frustrating (until we had flying anyway), except the Barrel one, which I rather enjoyed.

What’s your favourite quest from the Tortollan?

Top tip: Press Alt+Z to remove your UI for some of these quests. I find it so much easier to remove the UI and be able to see clearer especially for ones like Shell Game and Make Loh Go.

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