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Lion Hunter Pet and Matching Mount

Tameable Lion Hunter Pet

There is a proper Lion Hunter Pet in the game whose model you might recognise from the guild mount, the Reins of the Golden King.

You buy the Lion Mount from the Guild Vendor, once you’ve reached Exalted status with your guild and if your guild has reached level 25.

Do guilds even have levels anymore? I remember when that used to be a thing.

This mount is Alliance only. The Horde variant is some scorpion looking thing.

(Ok fine, it’s the Reins of the Kron’Kar Annihilator)

Anyway – I digress – see below!


I was in the Bank in Boralus, crafting another Ruby Panther to sell on the Auction House when a hunter came in with a pet that I’d not seen before.

I whispered them to ask where they had tamed it.

(Thank you Ghillie Emerald-Dream-EU for taking the time to answer my question)

Sambas is a rare tameable Lion Hunter Pet

He has three confirmed locations all within the Twilight Highlands:

So where is the Twilight Highlands again?

But wait! Don’t Get on the Flight Path!

Remember there is a portal in Stormwind…but NOT in the mage tower

See below:

Tameable Lion Hunter Pet Waypoints

Sambas can be found at any of these locations…

/way 38.2  53 (<–I found him at the first location first time! Yay for discovering new things in old content!)


/way 42.6  38.6


/way 68.8  25.8

Thank you to Wowhead for the locations. I seriously couldn’t have found it without you 😉

This pet and mount is one of several matching hunter pet and mount combinations that we have featured on WoW Adventurer. 

What are YOUR favourite mount and class combinations?

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