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Is WoW Classic Fun ?

Is WoW Classic Fun?

Perhaps the better question is, am I having fun?

It’s the oddest conundrum, because yes, and no.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on it and just when I think I’ve figured it out, I find new things about both versions to love and hate.

You see there are things I like about Classic WoW, that I LOATHE about live WoW. So why would I enjoy the mechanic in one game and not the other?

For example. I’m enjoying the fact that right now, my character in classic is running around with a combination of greys, white and green items.

Every tiny step I take forward, either with a new piece of gear, or with a new spell rank…I can *feel* the difference as I level in classic.

In live WoW, I also feel the difference between different pieces of gear – but the numbers are all wrong. My Benthic gear 20 ilvls lower than the raid gear feel better.  I know that they were designed specifically with The Eternal Palace in mind and I use my raid pieces to do Mythic + but surely this is “arse about face”? Upside down?

Perhaps I shouldn’t be comparing a levelling character in Classic, with an end-game mythic geared character on live.

So bear with me while I try and pin down my thoughts here…

Is WoW Classic fun…Login Queues…

Login queues can go and die in the fiery pits of hell.

People who say, “Lol, welcome to the true classic experience,” can consider following suit.

I’ve never been more glad to roll on an RP server (despite my lack of RPing) since I had zero login queues at launch, and Zandalar Tribe (EU) had a 5min queue later in the early hours.

Last night however, I had to sit through a 90min queue – and I wondered why I should bother?  I ended up playing for 10 mins, getting my XP bar to move half a centimetre and then logged out again because I’d had a long and tiring day and actually I really wanted to put my butt on the sofa and binge watch Henry Cavill in The Tudors.

Incidentally whilst seeing Henry post to instagram that “Hurray I logged into Classic Wow” and then a screengrab of the entrance to Stormwind (I had a feeling he played alliance…if I was a betting gal, probably as a paladin or a warrior).

So yeah login queues really stink.

Classic vs Live

To be honest, login queues on live aren’t an issue for me, since my main realm is only medium pop and the only time we experience login queues *might* be on patch day – or expansion launch, but they are really rare.

If I were on one of the big EU realms e.g. Silvermoon or Draenor they’d be a familiar sight.

Is WoW Classic fun…Opening Quests…?

A definite issue on launch night was picking up quests. It *was* launch night, so I can be forgiving – but still. Not fun.

Live WoW kicks Classic’s sanctimonious arse in this area.

This was the first quest giver, in the Forsaken starting area, I eventually tried making a macro to /target the NPC and then /interact – still don’t know how I managed to complete it, but it’s done.

To be completely fair, this launch was *still better* than the launch night of Warlords of Draenor…but I think the lessons learned that time – were what helped to shape live-WoW into having the stable launches we’ve seen since.

A guildie provided the image above of the situation on Pyrewood Village (EU) – similar scenes were seen on twitter for people who managed to login – whilst of course others shared images of their login queues.

Completing Quests…

Launch night questing is never easy, but without a group, on Classic? Damn near impossible.

I was in a group with Taliesin and we soon realised that the rogue in our group was the only one with any hope of tagging mobs before they got ninja’d by other players. The rest of us were casters and at low levels you don’t have any instant cast spells!  The fastest spellcast you have at level 1 as a warlock is 2 seconds…

Multi-tagging is definitely one of the improvements introduced by the devs in later expansions that I appreciate.

Something as simple as ‘Summon Imp’ on Classic has a whopping TEN SECOND CAST TIMER.

I’ll let that sink in for a bit.

So why is it fun then?

I think I’m finding it fun, because I’m not treating it like live WoW.

I play BFA – Live WoW, because I enjoy end game content and cutting edge raiding.

I’m finding Classic WoW fun because I’m allowing myself to enjoy the journey. I’m trying something new (race).

I’m enjoying that sense of community spirit;

  • Everyone is sharing mats
  • helping one another on quests and
  • for the most part, the people I’m playing with in the lovely guild <Taliethics> are all in it for the same reasons as me.
  • We all chipped in enough silver so that Tali could form the guild.
  • We all chipped in more silver so that he could design a somewhat bilious pink tabard.
  • A guildie I did some quests with sent me a green robe (my first green!). I paid it forward by crafting one and giving one to someone else as soon as I had the mats and crafting skill.
  • I was out questing solo at one point and a complete stranger – ran passed me, stopped and then traded me a cloak when they saw I didn’t have one to equip yet.

When people say “the community” are what made classic great – now I understand what they mean.

What I find confusing is that everyone that I’ve spoken to so far, ALSO plays on live.

So why do we not have that same sense of community spirit anymore?

I can’t answer you. I honestly don’t know.

I can’t say that group finder and LFR are bad, but if they remove the necessity of this sense of cooperation, perhaps, they are part of the problem? Please don’t even raise the subject of flying, with me, because the running in Classic is still sh*t in my opinion so let’s not even bother going there.

There is something else…a kind of…

Je ne sais quoi

…that pertains to the world.

When I’m out solo questing on my squishy forsaken warlock…I feel connected to the energies of the past Blizzard greats, the Chris Metzen’s, the Tom Chilton’s, Jeff Kaplan’s and the brethren of their era in WoW. I can feel their joy in creating this world  – and how they created a world that THEY wanted to play in. They threw established rules and expectations out of the window and built a world like absolute legends without having to deal with metrics and stockholder expectations and poncy number crunching finance suits.

I think that today’s WoW developers have it much harder than the legends of the past, because of all these new metrics that they have to meet. They also have the social media ‘shit show’ that Tali always mentions in his Weekly Reset videos. They get it on both ends – literally from the money grubbing corporates of the corporate types wanting to increase player playtime, player expenditure per play hour (or whatever the actual metrics are), and then the backlash from the more vocal sectors of the community.

This is the reason why players say that the cinematics and art teams continuously carry the team – because I suspect they do not face the same constraints as the devs who design quests and game systems and who have to deal with all the coalface meetings with the finance and accounting people. I’m sure they face their own challenges in this vein – but you can’t ‘art’ your way to increased play time – so they face different key performance indicators.

I think the devs need more freedom to tap into their passion for the game and stop being held over a barrel by stockholder expectations and FIND THE FUN again.

To keep building a world of joy and adventure and excitement.

Azeroth would be all the better for it.

Did I actually answer my own question?

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