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How to get the Siltwing Albatross

How to get the Siltwing Albatross

This week I got the Siltwing Albatross!

It’s not difficult to obtain, just time-consuming.

You buy the Siltwing Albatross from Captain Klarisa (Alliance) or Captain Zen’taga (Horde) for 1000 Seafarer’s Dubloon.

Captain Klarisa – Boralus

  • For The Alliance!

Captain Zen’Taga- Dazar’alor

  • For The Horde!

If you’re new to Battle for Azeroth (BFA) – then you may not know that you obtain Seafarer’s Dubloon by doing Island Expeditions.

How to get the Siltwing Albatross? Do Island Expeditions

If you’ve been in BFA since its launch – then;

  1. You’ve either given up on doing Island Expeditions because the mounts that actually drop from there have such low drop rates that you’re starting to wonder if they were actually added to the loot tables at all.
  2. You did them for a while at the start of the expansion and now you only do the weekly completion if the raidleader makes you
  3. You’re a world first raider and Island Expeditions are your permant home until you’ve unlocked that third essence slot on 8 characters on both EU and NA servers. Bonus points if you do OC servers too.

I’m somewhere between 1 and 2.

I did them quite a bit at the start of the expansion, dropped back to doing the weekly – stopped doing even that for a few weeks – and now I’m trying to do the weekly and a few more on the side – since we’ve been asked to get our Heart of Azeroth to level 65 asap.

(I’m 64, and around 60% completed to get to 65, so nearly there!)

I wish the Warcraft Devs would update the mounted hand position of characters on certain mounts – my characters hands are in the air – looking like she might be pretending to drive a car and making vroom-vroom noises with her lips.

Getting Seafarer’s Dubloon is an organic process as long as you do the occasional Island Expeditioneventually you’ll have enough to get the Siltwing Albatross.

You get them in bags that drop at the end of the expedition – but you can also loot them during the Island Expedition since they are scattered about the Islands and you just pick them up. Just look for gold coins on the floor, you’ll see them easily.

Island Expeditions are much easier now

For myself and my Alliance guildies – we now outgear Mythic Islands – so it’s an easy exercise to pop in and do three at a time for people who are just doing the weekly.

The Azerite Power Reward is Worth it

The Azerite Power you get on the Mythic ones is about 450 AP per island – so actually – they’re more worth doing, than actual World Quests. You can queue for them if have a group of 3.  Plus there’s always that CARROT ON A STICK feeling that you MIGHT get one of the rare mounts from thereif you keep trying.


So where are you guys in terms of getting the Siltwing Albatross?  Already got it months ago? Getting it soon? CBA?

Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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