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How to get the Ankoan Waveray

How to get the Ankoan Waveray

How to get the Ankoan Waveray if you’re an Alliance player

You get the Ankoan Waveray from Artisan Okata in Mezzamere, Nazjatar.

You get to Nazjatar via the portal room in Boralus (or Dazar’Alor if you’re Horde).

For the Horde equivalent – the Unshackled Waveray – see Finder Pruc in New Home, Nazjatar.

See the locations of Mezzamere and Newhome on the map below…

What does the Ankoan Waveray Cost?

The Ankoan Waveray can be purchased from the vendor, from the Nazjatar specific currency, Prismatic Manapearl.

250 Prismatic Manapearl to be exact and it requires that you be EXALTED with the Ankoan (or Unshackled if you’re Horde).

I waited to buy the Ankoan Waveray until all my Benthic Gear was fully upgraded (sadly, Boomkins have to use 3 pieces of Benthic Gear as they’re best in slot) – so I wasted SO MANY Prismatic Manapearls by rolling to get the *right* piece.

You earn Prismatic Manapearl by killing various Rares in Nazjatar, from World Quest Rewards and occasionally you’ll get a mission from the mission table that will reward you with them.

Will you buy the Ankoan or Unshackled Waveray?

The Alliance variant is quite subdued in colour compared to the Horde one – which has striking red and black stripes. (HORDE BIAS CONFIRMED!) – I would have been satisfied if the Alliance one had more striking blue and gold stripes if THAT is the theme they were going for.

I was in Mechagon yesterday – and saw a cool looking Waveray – so I clicked on the player to see the name of it and was a bit cross to discover that the Horde variant (Unshackled Waveray) looked so damn cool with it’s edgy red and black stripes. HMPF!

So have you guys bought this mount yet? Are you still saving Prismatic Manapearls to buy it? Or did you buy the mount before sorting out your Benthic gear?

Let me know in the comments!

Also, if you’re wondering how to get the Siltwing Albatross, I wrote about that this week too. Click the link to read that post.

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