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Guide: How to get the Hyper-Compressed Ocean

The Hyper-Compressed Ocean is a toy reward from completing the achievement, “Secret Fish and Where to find them”.

I’m not going to lie, it takes time – but you can work on it while you’re doing other things.


Why do you want the Hyper-Compressed Ocean?

  1. Add to your toy collection
  2. Fish during downtime in raids
  3. Constant Supply of Gold
  4. Those sexy AF fish googles

Let’s start at the beginning…

Phase 1: Secret Fish of Mechagon

Start by fishing in Mechagon at Danielle Anglers (shown below) near where you can spawn that big fishy rare.

As soon as you fish up your first rare, you get an auto-quest pop-up that gets you going!

Keep fishing in each area marked below.

You can fish the rares in any order. I fished mine over the course of an afternoon whilst I was killing rares inbetween – so I zig-zagged across the map very inefficiently!

The longest I fished in one spot to get a rare was about 10-15 mins.

You are now half-way to getting the Hyper-Compressed Ocean!

Once you have all the rare fish and have shown them to Danielle Anglers, you get the achievement pop up for Secret Fish of Mechagon and she will sell you the Secret Fish Goggles.

The secret fish goggles go straight into your bag. Just /use them and the buff lasts for 60 minutes. The cooldown is also 60mins, so if you accidentally click the buff off you just have to wait until you can use them again.

/Use the Secret Fish Goggles – They Do Not Equip

Once you’ve activated your secret fish goggles (you might want to turn up the volume of your ambient sounds to hear the bubbly sound when they spawn), a secret fish will spawn anywhere within 40 yards of you.

40 yards is quite a big area in-game – so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see them at first – they can even spawn under water that is within the area.

The secret fish are visible to everyone which means that randoms can ninja your fish.

Secret Fish bubble shown below, druid in underwater travel form, for scale. (Appearance is from Glyph of the Tideskipper)

Let’s continue..

Phase 2: How to Get the Hyper-Compressed Ocean

The rare fish you’re looking for now, are found all over Azeroth so be prepared to do some travelling!

Let’s start with current content (patch 8.2)

Future Mechagon:

Regular Mechagon:

  • Green Roughy: Finally a reason to use the Green Paint Filled Bladder (have a friend throw one at you), or craft and use a Green Spraybot, or failing either of those – go stand in the green paint turret at the Mechanocat painting station and get yo’self painted green.
  • Mechanized Mackerel: No special activity needed, but be in the Mechagon zone.


  • Queen’s Delight: Found loads of these each time I had the goggles equipped in Nazjatar and the Eternal Palace.

In Zandalar:

In Kul Tiras:

Drustvar: Tortollan Tank Dweller – Did you guys know there’s a bar underwater at Anyport in Drustvar? I had NO idea. This guy spawns there.

Stormsong Valley: Drowned Goldfish – in the drowned lands of Stormsong Valley (that brown area on the map with the pirates and wandering rock/crystalline mobs).

Broken Isles Dalaran: (suggested)

Basically these rare secret fish can only spawn when you’re dead. I.e. black and white corpse-run dead. I followed the Wowhead suggestion to use the floating island behind the southern bank in Dalaran. You need to ‘suicide’ your character (two helpful randoms tried to res me, bless ’em) by flying up, dismounting and plunging to a timely demise. By using the island – you limit the area in which the fish can spawn – so you can see them easily.

Dead Fishies

Deadeye Wally (at least 3 of these spawned for me, while I was waiting for the others)

Quiet Floater (omg, how sad)

Veiled Ghost

Spiritual Salmon (this bastard took the longest to spawn for me)

Embrace Portal Rooms, This is Where you Live Now

In Pandaria:

  • The Jade Forest: Jade Story Fish
  • Isle of Thunder: Thunderous Flounder  – if you didn’t play in MoP, you can’t just fly there – but have to do the opening quests to unlock the zone.
  • Kun-Lai Summit: Thin Air Flounder – literally at the very top of the summit. Thin air indeed.

Broken Isles:

  • Dalaran: Kirin Tor Clown
  • Suramar: Ancient Mana Fin  – specifically in the harbour area, took a little while for me as most of mine spawned underwater and I had to swim quickly before they despawned.
  • Argus, Krokuun and Antoran Wastes (NOT Mac’aree): Dead Fel Bone


  • Tol Barad (PVP area): Prisoner Fish  – again, thank you to wowhead for the suggestion of using the bridge between the PVP and PVE areas. I was able to run up and down the PVP end of the bridge and a small ways into the PVP area to get this one.
  • Mount Hyjal: Well Lurker – in the lake under Nordrassil. That guy was well lurking. Innit.


That wraps up the ones you have to specifically travel for.


Secret Fish to Find Along the Way:

The Unseen Mimmic the Invisible Smelt and the Elusive Moonfish were the last three fish I needed for this achievement. I would have had the Elusive Moonfish sooner, if it were not for one of my guildies (I’m looking at you Mith) ninja’ing mine during a raid.

I got it eventually by standing on the area near the entrance to Eternal Palace – where a piece of the cave forms a long downward sloping bridge towards the elites outside the raid. It limited the space where it could spawn – so I could see it easily.

I eventually decided to use the advice from Wowhead – and went to Outland Nagrand to catch the last two fish.

There is a floating island in Outland Nagrand (approximately 45.9, 59.9) I tried some of the other smaller islands but this is the only one that worked for me – basically don the goggles – and just wait.  They will spawn in an arc around your character and just run to them. If you mount up, or use flight form it can bug out the bubble – and you’ll be unable to click it – so always approach on foot (cat or bear form also works ok).

Outland Nagrand Island

Easy Secret Fish Catching

Congratulations! You did it!

Do you have the Hyper-compressed ocean yet?

Will you try and get it now that you have this handy visually friendly guide? Let me know how you go!

Happy Adventuring!

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  1. tim

    there’s a penguin island iceberg at 19/56 in howling fjord that’s great for the barbed fjord fin


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