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Fabious – He is Beauty He is Grace

Fabious – He is Beauty He is Grace

“He emerges from the water, fins swaying lazily in the breeze, sun-kissed scales glittering. He is… Fabious.”

Fabious is two things (three if you count drop dead handsome) – he is a rare NPC that you can catch fleeting glimpses of and has various spawn points around Nazjatar.

The secret finding Discord found out that you have to take a Selfie with him using the Selfie Cam and the mount pops right into your bags.

I’m not sure how many times he died early on in the patch while people thought you had to kill him to get the mount.

Fabious can Fly?

Wait what? I hear you say? This image is of Fabious in the can this be?

Go and find Artisan Okata (Alliance) or Finder Pruc (Horde) they will sell you an item called Budding Deepcoral and if you use this item – it allows your underwater mounts to be used like a regular mount, but ONLY in Nazjatar. Budding Deepcoral costs 5 Prismatic Manapearl.

If you have earned flying through Pathfinder Part IIthen it will fly as well. This also works for the Crimson Tidestallion, which I’ll be covering soon and can be obtained by people who hate themselves enough to do the steps required to obtain that mount.

Humming…*My little pony*…

Have you spotted Fabious yet?

Let me know in the comments below!

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