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Classic WoW Countdown Timer

Classic WoW Countdown Timer








The Classic WoW Countdown Timer is up!

I’ve mentioned a few times on Twitter that although I’m happy Classic is launching – because it will be good for the WoW community as a whole. I personally probably wouldn’t play it a lot.

My heart is definitely in retail – however I’ve always said I’d pop in and out of the game if my current WoW guildies were going to play – and at least we’d all make characters on the same server for the most part.

It seems as though my current guild Exiles on Emerald Dream EU – are rolling on Mirage Raceway EU – so I’ve managed to reserve my two most played character names there: Astraness and Artenesse (druid – nelf and hunter – dwarf!), but I’ve also rolled a horde priest this time! My hordie is also Artenesse – and is specifically rolled on the Zandalar Tribe (EU – RPPVP) server – to join Taliesin and Evitels guild there.

My main focus will still be 100% on retail WoW, raiding etc but the Classic WoW Countdown Timer is up – so you know when I’ll start documenting the new sideline adventure here!

Happy adventuring internet friends!

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