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Change the Appearance of your Arcane Intellect

The Glyph of Dalaran Brilliance changes the appearance of your Arcane Intellect spell (mages). Now you too can prove that you were trained at the most elite mage school in WoW, the Kirin Tor!

The next time you are doing group content, stand out as the obvious pro and change the appearance of your arcane intellect spell to show the emblem of the Kirin Tor instead of the plain arcane intellect icon that all those other plebby mages use.

Where can you get the Glyph?

  1. Buy one from the Auction House or from a scribe
  2. Craft your own with Inscription.

The Northrend Inscription trainer does NOT teach the glyph.

Buy the recipe to learn how to craft the glyph from Endora Moorehead, in the shop “Sisters Sorcerous”.

Note, she is in Northrend Dalaran NOT Broken Isles Dalaran. The shop “Threads of Fate” replaced “Sisters Sorcerous” in Broken Isles Dalaran.

Yesterday I found the Tome of Polymorph: Black Cat at the same vendor, which teaches you how to turn your polymorph target into a cat.

Both of these items are limited supply and are unavailable for sale for a while after purchase, so you may not find them immediately on your server.

What do you need to craft the Glyph of Dalaran Brilliance?

Once you’ve bought and learned the technique, you will need:

To make Ink of the Sea you will need to Mill herbs from Northrend to create Azure Pigment.

Tiger Lily is the cheapest on my Auction House, but check yours and buy a stack of 200 of whichever is cheapest and Mill them for the pigment you need. You will also need Light Parchment – which is widely available all over Azeroth.

Since the technique to learn how to craft the glyph is on a vendor, from a past expansion and not found on the Profession Trainer – there is a chance that it is something of a novelty on your server to change the appearance of your arcane intellect.

Try Inscription – and sell it profitably on the Auction House. There might be some gold in it 😉

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