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Be the Gamer You Want to Game With

Be the Gamer You Want to Game With

We’ve all had those moments…

Maybe it was when you first started playing World of Warcraft, or maybe it was even recently?

I’m talking about that old ‘you have been removed from the group’ moments…

Be the Gamer you want to game with

The last few days, I’ve come across two incidents, where I was clearly dealing with either a super new player, or someone who was coming back after a long hiatus from the game.

Incident 1: Super Newbie

I’m leveling a gnome rogue, doing a fun experiment to see how much extra gold I make from having Pick Pocket  macro’ed into all my opening moves.

Whilst questing about in Loch Modan (I love that old zone!), I came across a Level 17 Affliction Warlock, who was using his staff to melee the mobs (Murlocs!) that were attacking him.

I sent the person a few kind whispers letting them know that I’d seen them using their weapon in that way – and wondered if they needed help. I continued on and then proceeded by explaining that they would do more damage (and stuff would fall over faster) if they used their spells.  I got no response, so I continued on to explain that they could click and drag abilities from their spell book to their action bars, and use those, to kill the mobs.

I still didn’t get a response and I didn’t mind. When I was that new to the game – I wouldn’t have known HOW to respond. So, I simply did a /wave and /cheer and left him to process. 

I continued with my questing, and was happy to see him a bit later, now Level 22, and happily using Shadowbolt and Unstable Affliction.

Incident 2: Either New/Boosted Char or Returning Player

Leveling my Mistweaver Monk, I queued for a normal dungeon. There was a mage in the pug, that I earmarked as a newbie, since he didn’t know his way around the dungeon, and kept standing still in multiple ‘piles of stuff’ on the floor – taking huge amounts of damage. He was also hard-casting Pyroblast

So I said typical healer things in instance chat like:

  • Careful where you stand – you could be taking avoidable damage 🙂
  • If anyone hasn’t done this before – here’s a quick run down of tactics (e.g. “if you get mind controlled – run through the purple balls” “everyone else run away from the purple balls”.)

When we got to the part where you  jump down after Lord Stormsong, and have to swim to the last boss:  we noticed that the mage died (out of range) while the rest of the pug group was clearing a group of those wryms just before you jump out the water.

He released before I could res him, and the group waited at the boss.

He died again.

The tank, was really kind and asked him, “Hey, what’s killing you there buddy?” – so I spoke up and said in chat, “I think he’s swimming straight down…please wait, I’ll go get him…” (p.s. I totally did this, the first time I was in the dungeon – lol)

I marked myself with the green triangle and swam towards the place where you jump down.  As soon as I got close – the mage jumped into the water again – I said in instance chat, “Ok, follow, the green triangle” and then I carefully guided him through the jelly fish, and away from the untouched group of wyrms.

He paused half way in, and I waited with him, at which point he communicated for the first time in the run with:

“SORRY GUYS! THANKS” (yes, bless him, he typed in all caps).

I said, “it’s fine! Everyone has done that at least once.” and the tank said, “Don’t worry about it!”

We got to the boss, one of the dps /cheered and we proceeded to kill the boss in one go, and everyone went their separate ways.

Now we all know exactly how this could have gone very differently…

The tank, took the time to speak up and ask nicely what was going on, the rest of the group was patient and then someone (aka me) extended a hand, by swimming back, and providing visual guidance.

The first communication came from the new player, only once they were safe in the knowledge that they were in a group that weren’t going to be nasty, flame him, or kick him from the group.

It really doesn’t take ANY time at all to help someone, especially in this case where it’s a normal dungeon, there is no time pressure, it’s not Mythic +, and it could really go a long way to making a new player feel welcome, and not useless – ensuring that they continue playing and enjoy the experience.

Preach Gaming recently did a video about ‘Saying No to Toxicity in WoW, in 2019’ and I am happy that a content creator with such a large following, is making a point of talking about it, and imploring the community to be nice to one another.

Please go and give Preach’s channel a follow/sub and applaud him for his efforts. (note: some language is NSFW)

Do you have any feel-good stories to share? Either how you helped someone, or someone helped you?

Please share in the comments !

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Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.

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  1. Pete S

    Nothing to add, but as someone who just dipped a toe into WoW for the first time since Cataclysm 1st launched (and that was a brief visit, the last time I played seriously was when Burning Crusade launched) I just wanted to thank you for boosting this particular signal!


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