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Adventures in Classic WoW continue

My adventures in Classic WoW continue…

A guildie posted this screenie to discord to illustrate the queueing going on, on his realm for people to complete quests. People are proclaiming this “wonderful” and “heartwarming” and I can agree with those sentiments – because honestly when have gamers ever been this nice to one another? On the other hand, it’s a bloody obvious catastrophe and failure of game mechanics. Thank goodness the live game has moved on from this!

Today I managed to log in (without the queue) early in the morning before the rest of the household was awake – and dinged to level 10! A major milestone since it meant I could pack away Gobjup (My Imp minion) and summon a Voidwalker instead. A beautiful blue tanky blueberry.

Say hello to Belmoth.

I had one quest to finish in the zone, which was proving troublesome…

Note the other three players just ahead of me, also corpse running back to the same NPC.

In true classic wow spirit, we made a group and managed to finish the quest on the next attempt.

This meant that I’d now finished the zone, which brought me to my next insanely stupid mistake.

Looking at this map below of Tirisfal Glades, for some reason, my brain thought the entrance to Silverpine Forest was through Death Knell. (The icon on the map reminded me of those zone passages between Loch Modan and Wetlands)…naturally, I only realised my mistake when I got to Death Knell (from Undercity)…and I still had 40 mins cooldown left on my hearthstone. Yay classic things.

*sound of running footsteps*

Who knew the path to Silverpine Forest was right there next to Undercity? Clearly I have been an Alliance main for the better part of 8 years.

My adventures in Classic WoW continue…

Once I’d made the run back to Undercity, I made sure I’d learned everything I could from the Warlock, Tailoring and Enchanting trainers and I set off on the road to the South…

The moment of moving to another zone brought back so much nostalgia from when I started playing WoW. It’s such a big milestone when you are so very new to the game – and in classic when you’ve spent more than a day working through your first zone, the transition to a new one, is a very big step indeed.

Tomorrow I’ll be revisiting some Alliance zones – do let me know how your own adventures in Classic WoW are going…I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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