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A New Adventure in Classic WoW

I chose to have a new adventure in Classic WoW

It is very punishing to change the class you’re leveling, to go on a new adventure in classic wow, you should consider your options carefully.

The leveling process is long slow and grindy. Starting over, just when my Warlock was around level 13 means an extra two weeks of leveling at least. Thankfully I’m in no rush. However I do want to enjoy the time that I do spend meandering the unsullied world of pre-Cata Azeroth. Something needed to change.

I had chosen Forsaken Warlock because I wanted a different leveling experience (I’ve never mained undead, or warlock on live before) and because you can level with a pet. This is because it really helps when you’re routinely out of mana and have to either kite a mob, or LITERALLY HIT IT WITH A STICK.

While I was going about my questing and killing one hundred billion mobs for 2-3 quest items in Silverpine Forest when one of my guildies from live-BFA posted to Discord that he’d made our Classic Guild.


So I went to Teldrassil…

Horde and Alliance

I had planned on leveling a druid on Alliance with my BFA buddies and my undead warlock with <Taliethics> – so I logged over to join <Exiles> on Mirage Raceway – and while I was on my fresh druid I thought why not do the first quest or two?

Do you know what the difference in cast times for Wrath as a Druid or Shadow Bolt as a Warlock? LIGHT YEARS.

As a result…this happened…

Taurens get the best starting zone, am I right? Mulgore is beautiful and a great place to start an adventure in Classic WoW.

By best, I mean aesthetically pleasing, the location makes sense and the music is perfect for the zone, and Tauren culture.

I do not mean best as in most conveniently located quest hubs, because omg… the running…

The amount of time you spend running between quests, or having to simply run back to sell stuff because your tiny pocket sized bags are full, is laughable.

So running around in Mulgore doing low level quests, you spend a lot of time looking at the back of your character…which prompted me to post the following to our guild discord…

Leveling a lowbie Tauren druid also led to possibly the most wholesome exchange I’ve ever seen in WoW.

I was at the Spirit Healer (Surprise!) just outside Thunder Bluff, where just down the hill are some Venture Co. folks you need to take out complete with an Ogre rare that will absolutely kill you (unless you’re a warrior because PLATE CLASS BIAS is a thing in Vanilla *cough* I mean classic) right in the middle of them.

I’d tried once or twice to loot a chest that is near the rare (since I had tried to solo him, HAHAHAHA, silly me) and failed at least twice, when these two Tauren males came running into view and were clearly on the same quest.

Now, bearing in mind, I’m on an RPPVP server… (even though I don’t personally RP at all)

I was just about to send the one Tauren a group invite – when he said in /S

“Would you care to join us m’lady?”

Clearly the best exchange ever witnessed in WoW, classic or live.


I think Tauren really have one of the most beautiful starting zones I’ve seen thusfar, what do you guys think?

I’ve always liked visiting Thunder Bluff when I’ve been horde side, more so than any other city, but that’s on live, where flying is a thing – it’s still a teensy bit frustrating to navigate on foot.

Do you have a favourite horde city?


This one time, in Bloodhoof Village, Mulgore…

What parts of Classic WoW have you rediscovered that you really like? I want to hear about it!

Please let me know in the comments.


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Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.


  1. Archangel

    I’ve discovered that I hate queues…

    Haven’t tried Classic yet tho.

    • Artenesse

      Having moved to the UK, I’ve become accustomed to them! Apparently British people have some kind of queueing superpower and they’re oddly comforted by the presence of queues – as if they are some indication of true civility!


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