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Warbringers Jaina

Oops, Blizzard did it again.

They went and created and produced something ELSE which gives me rampant goosebumps.

If you haven’t already watched the animated short ‘Warbringers: Jaina’ then I insist that you watch it right now.


Warbringers: Jaina is the first of 3 animated shorts that Blizzard will be releasing in the run up to the release for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth (the 7th expansion in this glorious franchise).

While this one centres on Jaina Proudmoore, iconic mage of the Alliance, we are told that the next two will feature Aszhara, and Sylvanas Windrunner.

I have never been a major lore nerd, and aside from a basic knowledge of the history of World of Warcraft, thanks to having played the original Warcraft series when it was current, I’ve only stuck to the story as per the game, never delving deeper than that.

All of that changed when I read Before the Storm, by Christie Golden. It’s a brilliantly written story that takes us from the culmination of Legion, to the sound of distant war drums heralding the beginning of Battle for Azeroth.  I am now resolved to both devour and enjoy everything we are offered that enhances this beautiful and life-altering game that joins people in a sense of shared community across the world.

I saw so much symbolism, and foreshadowing in Warbringers: Jaina that I couldn’t even begin to write it down, or much less describe nearly so eloquently as others who can. In particular, I feel that Taliesin, of Taliesin & Evitel does the best job to break down the really nitty-gritty of every scene, and so I’d like to share his summation or ‘deep-dive’ (as he calls it) of this animated short with you.

The many faces of Lady Jaina Proudmoore

Jaina, as I first got to know her in Warcraft III, even in all her pixelated glory she was a force to be reckoned with.

Jaina as we got to know her in World of Warcraft. That mage, from the Kirin Tor, with a strong opinion.

Jaina on her poster that sold in the Blizzard gear store which I have framed in my office, because amazing!

Finally, my favourite…Jaina after having resolved to re-establish ties with her homeland of Kul Tiras, as we head into Battle for Azeroth.

Just 18 days to go until Battle for Azeroth launches…

My next post will deal with what to do, before that day comes.

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