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Tides of Vengeance Patch 8.1

Tides of Vengeance Patch 8.1

Tides of Vengeance Patch 8.1 Arrived last week on the 12th of December (Eu reset day is on a Wednesday), and I enjoyed the extended questline, and continuation of the war campaign enormously!

We got to cruise around with Jaina and defend Boralus from a Horde invasion…


…and we got to ‘steal’ the Sceptre of the Tides and replace it with a fake…

Thanks for the help there, Flynn and Matthias, yeah, don’t worry guys, I’ve got this… (I love how this quest makes us – the player –  feel epic)

Then we had to haul ass out of there…because…

Which of course made my brain do this…

How are you guys finding Tides of Vengeance Patch 8.1 ? What is your favourite part?

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