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The Face of Anduin Wrynn – My Thoughts on Blizzcon

The Face of Anduin Wrynn – My Thoughts on Blizzcon

An unexpected surprise inclusion to the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket, was a video called

“Faces of War: Behind the Scenes of the Battle for Azeroth Cinematic”

The face of Anduin Wrynn caused quite the stir when the cinematic was first released, with some content creators (i.e. Taliesin & Evitel) going so far as to describe his face (humorously) as if an angel had created a child with Brad Pitt.

So it was really neat to discover that at the Activision Blizzard Capture Studio in Santa Monica, they’d made a video to show us how they go about doing motion capture to incorporate into the game and cinematics and we got to see it in action!

One of the cool things we learned is that Anduin’s face is based on an actor called ‘Geordie’.

I suppose part of my brain already understood, that of course it had to be based on someone’s face, but it was still really amazing to be able to see it and compare for myself!

A reminder just how incredibly talented the motion capture and art team are (Why does this still surprise me, I should know by now, that everything Blizzard creates, is of the highest standards).

This video is only available to those who purchase the virtual ticket, and if you are interested in the tech and process behind motion capture in video game production, I highly recommend that you watch it.

As far as I’m aware, the virtual ticket is still available to purchase.

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