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Streaming Again

Streaming Again, Hurrah!

I am so happy to be streaming again!

My intention wasn’t to stay away from it for so long, but I ran into some PC issues when I upgraded my graphics card, and subsequently treated myself to a brand new eye-wateringly large monitor, which necessitated me ‘temporarily’ disabling my 2nd monitor.

One can obviously stream without a second monitor, but I’ve always found it so much easier to manage all the windows, so I promised myself I would return to streaming as soon as my problem was solved.

A few more PC upgrades later including a new power supply, and I’m back up and running!

Stream Schedule

I’m still ironing out the wrinkles in my intended schedule but yesterday when the opportunity arose for a quick 1 hour stream, I took the opportunity to fling together some settings on Stream Labs OBS (SLOBS) and just go for it.  Seems silly to be nervous about streaming again, when it’s hardly like I have legions of (cough) 1 or 2 (cough) viewers eh?

How glad am I that I did decide to start streaming again. I managed to pick up my very first ever subscriber, who kindly also made a donation and flung some bits at me, so that was 3 firsts, in a 1 hour stream.


(at 0:21) First 500 Bits Cheer

(at 1:58) Cheesy Self-promoting Slug 

(at 2:39) Sneaky Pete Makes an Appearance 

(at 3:44) First £5 Donation 

(at 7:21) Sneak Pete Returns! 

I’ve created some new scenes which I’m looking forward to using. Here’s a sample of my starting soon screen.


When I’ve finalised the schedule – I’ll be pinning it on twitter.

Make sure you’re following me @artenesse to see when I’m live again next.



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