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State of the Game

The State of the Game

I’m in the weird phase that all gamers go through at some point…

No clear goal in terms of gameplay, other than coasting along, dabbling in several games at once.

The State of the Game: World of Warcraft

On live servers, I’m still actively raiding 2x a week with my guild, as we’ve nearly gotten Mythic Coven of Shivarra down.

We completed Mythic Varimathras last week, and the whole encounter was like an 70s disco night, with all the raid markers in play, and complicated group manoeuvres to execute.

On World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth Beta servers, I’ve finished leveling Horde side. When character copy became available, I copied my main Alliance hunter over and started constructing my Battle for Azeroth leveling plan, for when the expansion launches. I’m just dipping in and out cautiously, conscious not to burn myself out.

I’m taking my time to read quests, take screenshots, and really enjoy the scenery. I made some postcards from Battle for Azeroth and posted them to my guild website.

State of the Game: Overwatch

I continue to play a little comp in the very early mornings, on NA servers, before settling down to work for the day. It’s proven to be a good formula for finding a decent group of mature players who communicate, and actively try to achieve wins.

I’m still favouring Moira as my main Overwatch Hero, but I swop out as needed, to any of the supports, or Orisa if we need a tank. When I’m forced to pick a dps, because we have to fast picking support mains, I usually pick Soldier 76 or Mei, depending on the opposing comp.

State of the Game: Everything Else

I’m currently dabbling with the following:

Surviving Mars

Still working my way up to building the mega dome, whilst managing income vs needs of the colony.

Just managed to unlock bio-drones, so cyanara actual humans, droids are the new you!

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2, is my go-to, when I’m in the mood to MMO, but don’t necessarily want to WoW. GW2 is beautiful, engaging, and easy to navigate.

So my Norn Ranger keeps me busy when I’m not huntering in WoW.

I still have so many zones unexplored, so I generally pick a zone, and do the things when I log in.

Civilization VI

Turn-based strategy! This is my favourite game when I have to ‘adult’ for the day. I set up a custom game, pick a new Civ, and start to build my empire.

The turn based strategy formula is perfect for when I have to answer the call of Mummy!!!! call eleventy billion times a day. I can get up, make food, see to everyone’s needs, hang out with the fam, and just pop back and pick up where I left off.

Aven Colony

Give me a space colony management simulation, and I’m a happy gal. I’ve already played through the whole campaign on ‘Normal’ and am now attempting to complete everything on ‘Challenge’.

Right now I’m on Azara Falls.

So what are you up to now? What games are you playing? Anything good?

Let me know in the comments below!

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