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My Issue with Hunter Transmogs

Hunter Transmogs are divisive

You either love ’em, or you hate ’em.

I realise that everyone’s idea of a good transmog can be polar opposites of one another.

I started maining my hunter at the start of WoD, and when I started looking into nice looking transmogs, I realised that most of my options involved skulls, or the bones of the dead animals that my character was expected to have taken down over the years.

I wondered how my trusty hunter pet would feel about that. Look sweety, mummy is wearing the bones of your distant cousin, and you could be next…

When Ion Hazzikostas announced that they would no longer be designing class specific tier sets, and that they would be designing the gear that dropped from dungeons and raids to look like the place it had come from;

I thought it was a great idea.

Dungeon Hunter Transmogs

When gear started dropping for me from Beta Dungeons, I was really super impressed by the style and quality of the gear appearances of the hunter transmogs. They made sense!

Atal’Dazar is a like an ancient Mayan mythical city of gold! It makes sense that the gear looks the way it does! Gold, and feathered plumage etc.

Normal Recolour

Prime example of a great looking dungeon set.

My only quibble are the old-school gloves with the clunky elbow pieces.

Heroic Recolour

The recolours are decent and the whole set feels like it fits together, which isn’t often the case with hunter transmogs.

Mythic Recolour

It’s appropriate to many of the Horde Zones, and particularly Atal’Dazar the dungeon from which many of these pieces drop.

Warfronts Hunter Transmogs (Mail Appearance)

The gear from Warfronts with the increasing levels of decoration *also* looked amazing to me. I actually thought that Blizzard had either;

  1. hired new people to work on hunter transmog appearances (or any appearances for that matter)
  2. had maybe drawn on some data to see what players were actually transmogging their character gear to, and designing according to majority trends
  3. by consolidating appearances to cloth/leather/mail/plate instead of 12 different classes they’d given themselves more time to produce genuinely high quality awesome gear

The three levels of Alliance side Warfront gear, with the appearance being determined by the ilvl of the piece, 340, 370 or the appearance from the World Boss/rares.

Hunter Transmogs: Uldir Mail Raid Set

Then they released the images of the mail gear from Uldir, and I was floored with how amazing everything looked!

I love it!

Space-faring Romans is the description my fellow hunter buddy and I came up with when we first saw it…imagine the Roman Empire hadn’t fallen, and had flourished to the future, and become a space faring culture – and that is what the Uldir Mail gear looks like to me.

Normal Version

For all four versions (raid finder variant not shown) I absolutely love the style of the shoulder. It makes sense that the collar area is raised for protection, and it looks fantastic. It *looks like metal*.


Heroic Version

I’m not a huge fan of the helmet style – but I’d take this ANYDAY over some of the skulls/eyeballs/weird shizzle we’ve been given over the years.

Mythic Version

The bows are pretty amazing too, (not pictured), and they’re definitely something I will return to this raid to farm for, if I don’t get them while the raid is current.

Siege of Zuldazar Hunter Transmogs: Mail Appearance

Then they released the images of the upcoming Zuldazar raid hunter transmogs (mail gear appearances)…

…and…I…can’t even begin to describe how much I don’t like this.

I’m not saying it’s not beautifully drawn, or well designed, or shown in great resolution.

I’m saying:



IT MAKES NO SENSE (barefeet?) Just stop it Blizzard. Eew.

100% will never use this as a transmog appearance.

(Zuldazar gear image courtesy of

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