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Mount Collecting Efficiently

Mount Collecting Efficiently

I know some players who are awesome and dedicated Mount Collectors.

They are so dedicated that they run all the old raids weekly, and on several different characters, in order to obtain the mounts they still need.

Here are some examples of favourites that Mount Collectors go for:

I’m sure you’ll recognise these, because there’s always some smug bastard at a raid entrance, or outside the Auction House gloating over their ridiculously good RNG, and once you’ve taken a look at those – then comes the reason for this post:

I’m going to show you a tool that will get you Mount Collecting Efficiently

Mimiron’s Head

I love Mimiron’s Head sound effects.

I don’t have this mount, and honestly, cba to fly all the way out to Ulduar to try and get it either unless it’s one of my twice a year round the world trips to try my luck.

Dropped by: Yogg-Saron

Instance: UIduar

Zone: The Storm Peaks, Northrend.


Guildies are always freaking out for someone when Invincible’s Reins drops. But since I’m a Cataclysm baby, I was always like, “Gz!”, and not been particularly driven to obtain it myself.

Plus…ICC is confusing y’all.

Dropped by: The Lich King

Instance: Ice Crown Citadel

Zone: Icecrown, Northrend.

Blazing Drake

Sod this sodding mount. The Blazing Drake drops from Madness of Deathwing. Mechanics are still a thing 4 expansions later, and I do NOT have the patience to deal with the roll mechanic, and on the two occasions I’ve given myself a pep talk, and gone in there to poke Deathwing for the mount, I have wound up beyond frustrated and vowed never to return.  P.s. I have killed it a few times, in a group, but soloing…I’m simply not motivated enough to do it. I really should though…balls.

Dropped by: Deathwing

Instance: Dragon Soul

Zone: Tanaris (Caverns of Time), Kalimdor


The very first time I decided to ‘try my luck’ at all this mount farming malarky…I took my Mage bank alt, because she had a teleport to Theramore…and went off in search of Onyxia’s Lair…

Got Reins of the Onyxian Drake on my first try.  This generates a lot of feelings in guild chat whenever I mention it. I’m sympathetic though…nothing else bloody drops for me…especially trinkets and gear!!

Dropped by: Onyxia

Instance: Onyxia’s Lair

Zone: Dustwallow Marsh, Kalimdor

I like mount collecting, but I’m not obsessive about it.  I target mounts that are earned through reputation farming. Gaining Exalted reputation with factions carries more reward than just the mount. e.g. achievements, and tabard collecting

For me to dedicate some time to Mount Collecting Effciently, it has to be a rainy Saturday afternoon, when I have no IRL plans (or in-game plans either!), and that’s when I might happen to think, “Hey I should fly out to Tempest Keep and try my luck”. If this happens more than 3-4 times a year, it’s a lot.

I usually try and take my mage, because Portals! But generally I’m a little disorganised in terms of planning a route, and I’ll invariably forget some instance and portal out…and then think DOH!

So…some time ago, a former guildie sent me a link, to the most wondrous tool ever which all of you mount collectors will love!

Mount Collecting Efficiently: Say hello to Telsa-Productions Mount Planner

All you need to do, is fill in your character name, and realm, and it will check Armory for any mounts that you have already learned, and exclude them from this list.

Like so:

Creators like Telsa Productions are one of many unsung heroes of the World of Warcraft community. They tireless give of their time and skills to create tools like this which serve to improve our enjoyment of the game that much more.

If you use this tool, please go and thank them via their social channels:

Twitter: @telsaproduction

Twitch: @pillarish

YouTube: @Telsa

Use the Telsa-Productions Mount Planner Tool by clicking here: Mount Planner

Important Note:

Coming in Patch 8.0 (The pre patch for Battle for Azeroth), are major changes to looting, which will have a positive effect on legacy instances.

How I understand it, is that even if you solo old content, the loot will drop as though you had a full raid group i.e. more loot will drop.  So if you want to take a break from your mount collecting until then, it would make sense.

At least now, you have a great way to minimize the time you spend travelling between instances and you can do your mount collecting efficiently!

Happy Mount Collecting, people!

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