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How to Find the Deadmines

When the Instance Entrance, isn’t obvious…

Whenever we have a bit of down time in WoW (8.1 launch is 1-2 days from now), my collecting bug wakes up, and I must get ALL the things!

I decided it would be a fun exercise to go through every instance in WoW, and try to collect as much transmog as possible.

How to find The Deadmines (since I didn’t run it endlessly when current), proved interesting…don’t you love an instance that isn’t obvious from the summoning stone? Me neither!

It turns out that when you start playing in Cataclysm like me, there are a ton of pre-cata instances that you have trouble finding, so I decided to do short pieces on each to make it easier for others to find.

The Deadmines is located in Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms, Azeroth. (click image to enlarge)

The Deadmines is a 5 man Dungeon, released during ‘Vanilla’ World of Warcraft.¬†

It received an update for Cataclysm.

There are no mechanics to worry about (unless Timewalking), and at HC Geared Uldir @ level 120, you really only need to breathe on them for them to fall over.

The only snafoo I ran into, was killing the last boss too fast, and so she died on an elevated part of the ship that I couldn’t reach, so I couldn’t loot her, but I assume the postmaster would just send you the items anyway.

I also picked up a few transmog pieces I didn’t have yet (which was my main objective for running this dungeon).

Approximate Gold Income: 200g

Important to Note:

Reputation Gains!

Equip any of the following tabards whilst running this dungeon, for reputation gains with the associated faction

For the Alliance!







*Speak to Zidormi in Darkshore to see Darnassus before it’s destruction, to access the Quartermaster¬†

For the Horde!


Silvermoon City


Thunder Bluff

Bilgewater Cartel


*Speak to Zidormi to see Undercity before it’s destruction to access the Quartermaster

Gaining exalted with all of the above awards the: “Ambassador” Title

The following tabards also give reputation toward their faction when equipped in this dungeon:


Wildhammer Clan

Guardians of Hyjal

The Earthen Ring


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