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The Hospital Management Sim with a wicked sense of humour

Two Point Hospital: The Hospital Management Sim with a puntastic sense of humour

When I heard a WoW guildie say they were logging off to go and play ‘Two Point Hospital’ I did a double take. You’re going to play what now?

Then I saw another guildie decide to stream it, and I realised that there was a hospital management sim out there that

a) I hadn’t heard of,

b) that was popular and

c) I had serious FOMO!*

I love colony management sims!

Surviving Mars, Planetbase, Banished, Aven Colony, The Sims, Cities Skylines and countless others have featured in my bag of games over the years.

But a hospital management sim? I was not convinced.

I watched the stream by my good friend and WoW guildie @Mortyplayer1, and I decided to try it.

Plus Points!

  • Ease of play 100% 100%
  • Good learning curve 90% 90%
  • Appearance of assets 80% 80%
  • Amusement level 100% 100%

Minus Points!

  • Help – Googling for info 30% 30%
  • Music 50% 50%
  • Building Interface (the need to scroll endlessly) 10% 10%

Right out the (virtual) box, it is fun, and engaging.

When you first start, you have an empty building (as shown above) and the game does a great job of guiding you through the early stages

With this hospital management sim, each new hospital you unlock will teach you a new concept on how to manage your organisation more efficiently.

If it gets too complicated, and you feel like you could have set things up more logically, you can simply reset the level and go again, armed with your new knowledge of what that particular level requires.

User Interface:

The user interface is very simple.

Objectives are displayed in the top right hand corner, and update with % bars that fill up as you progress towards your objective.

The interface below, is a little more complicated, but the devs have had the foresight to include ‘tooltips on hover’ that provide you with more information.

My only quibble with the interface, is that you have to scroll through the list of items that you want to add to the room, every time you are looking for something specific, there is no way (That I have found yet) that allows me to sort between ‘lights/paintings/chairs’ etc. I have to scroll through the entire list of items to find the once specific radiator I’m looking for.

The goal for each level, is to obtain a 3 star rating for your hospital, through a combination of efficiency, profitability and prestige.

Special Highlights:

The tannoy announcer, who has a fabulously dry sense of humour, and the radio, which is so realistic, you can be forgiven for just ‘zenning out’ while you’re playing. (the music itself, can be a little…um..’elevator/cheesy’ – so I recommend lowering the sound if it bothers you.

It’s a fantastic way to lose 8hrs of your day, if all you’re looking to do is relax…

It’s available on STEAM for £24.99, if you enjoy sim-colony-management games – then definitely give this one a try!


FOMO*: Fear of Missing Out

Here’s a short video clip, so you can see and hear the aesthetics of the game play in motion.

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