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Battle for Azeroth Pre Launch Set Up

Battle for Azeroth Pre Launch Set Up

My Battle for Azeroth pre Launch set up, is super simple compared to past expansions.

I remember my first expansion launch, how exciting it was to see everyone clustering in Stormwind before heading for the Mists of Pandaria.

Then later prepping for Warlords of Draenor, and all the launch night fun! (at least until the servers decided to NOPE due to the unexpected 3 million extra players who showed up).

For Legion, I prepared what I wanted to do with Professions, and several alts made professions swops.

Launched 25/12/2012

Launched 13/11/2014

Launched 30/08/2016

Time is Energy Friend

For Battle for Azeroth, I’m going in with my main, and 2 support characters. You can see the plan for these three characters going into BFA – here.

This is to gear my hunter as fast as possible to be ready for raiding, without having to outlay much gold for consumables, by getting the 2 support characters to supply enchants and gems.

I learned a very good lesson about burnout in Legion, and this is the main reason I’m not going ‘pedal to the metal’ with 12 characters.

I now understand the nature of the beast that high-end progression raiders face, and why they all disappear after they’ve downed that final Mythic end boss.

So I’m going to do the best that is required for a solid raider, and to enjoy every minute.

I want to be fresh and inspired to level a Kul-Tiran druid when they are released as a playable race.

I already have max level Night-Elf druid who doubles as my 2nd herbalist & primary scribe, so the KT druid will be to unlock the heritage armor and I don’t want it to start to feel grindy and unpleasant.

When the top 3 (Hunter, Mage, Priest) and following 2 chars (Druid & Druid) I’ve mentioned reach maximum level, then I’m not going to level anything else unless:

  1. I need to main-swop for any raider related reason
  2. There’s down-time in WoW (highly unlikely with Hazzikostas at the helm)
  3. A group of us decide to leveling something together
  4. I decide to level an alt while streaming

Image created using Wowhead’s Dressing Room Feature


IRL Battle for Azeroth Pre Launch Set Up:

  • Groceries delivered on morning of Sunday 12th
  • Meal prep for Monday 13th (Launch Night!) to Thursday 15th
  • Everyone will have fresh healthy options to nibble on and can leave me in peace to do my thing!
  • Monday 13th – have a lie-in as late as possible, then last bits of housework before 3 day strike (lol).
  • have a swim (if its still as hot as HADES like it is now)
  • 5-6pm dinner with the family, since I won’t see them for 3 days (again lol, joke)
  • 9pm be unbearably, and annoyingly excited with guildies on discord
  • 10pm wonder if it’s possible that some kind of cardiac event from excitement is possible, and would spoil my launch night plans
  • 10:55pm hold my breath to see if this has all been a dream and I’m going to wake up at any moment.
  • 10:59pm actually burst.
  • 11:00pm (GMT) SQUEE with delight as I get the launch night opening quest and then fly off with the guild to go in search of Kul Tiras… I reckon there might be some drunken renditions of ‘Daughter of the Sea’ (see Warbringers: Jaina)

I’m going to stock up on bottled water, beef jerky, grapes, cheese, sliced bell peppers, blueberries, nuts and other healthy nibbles for launch night, as I plan to do an all-nighter and then go to bed at around 08:00am on Tues 14th and then sleep till noon.

After the initial launch night hype, I’ll be back on a normal schedule.

I know that there are others out there, who are just as excited, if not more, than me. But I would like to make a point of encouraging each of you, to take care of yourselves during this exciting time, and not to overdo it.

Advice from a gamer who has been doing this since before the internet was a thing:

  • Get up and walk around every hour (or more). Stretch your legs. Pet the dog/cat/hamster/bunny/significant-other.
  • Sleep.
  • Eat.
  • Shower. Shave. Shampoo. (don’t give those non-gamers any excuse to pigeon-hole you into a stereotype that is in the minority)
  • Drink water. Drink some more water. Go very easy with the caffeine. (please for the love of Elune don’t over do the energy drinks)
  • Enjoy some of your favourite snacks (I’m looking at you Doritos and Mountain Dew), but in balance with healthy things (well hello there houmous and carrot sticks).
  • Take breaks for exercise, put this ‘Walking Across Azeroth’ treadmill exercise video on the ipad and walk across Azeroth on a treadmill.

Lastly, enjoy it, and if you’re not enjoying it, log off.

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Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.


  1. Vaeleria

    I’d heard we’re not getting a global release, I hope that’s not the case as I’m getting mega hyped to be doing an all nighter to level cap 😀

    • Artenesse

      The release is at midnight on the night of the 13th (so basically 00:01 on the 14th). Since that is server time, for us in the UK it’s 11:01pm on the 13th. They did announce that globally, they are releasing at the same time around the globe so for everyone in GMT – and westwards, it’s actually going to be on the 13th.

      Here is the wowhead link: Global release schedule

      • Vaeleria

        Ah awesome, I’d heard a lot of grumbling on MMO champ that they’d gone back on the global release thing with a 11am release in eu 🙁 but glad to hear that’s false!


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