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Battle for Azeroth Leveling Plan

I have a Battle for Azeroth leveling plan.

Battle for Azeroth leveling plan eh? Remember when I prepped for Legion? Or when I made this slightly ridiculous spreadsheet for organising my garrisons on all my alts before Warlords of Draenor? Yeah…I like to make plans.

In order to make plans, one has to have a goal.

Battle for Azeroth Leveling Plan: The Goal

My goal for early BFA, is to be raid ready on my main when Uldir opens, and to have raid consumables being produced by my two main alts. 

Legion, in my opinion, was not alt-friendly at all, for those of us, who play our alts in order to utilise their professions.

Legion encouraged the exploration of alts, to see all the different Artifact acquisition quests and to obtain the class mounts, but for professions it was awful.

Profession recipes were locked behind various dungeons and raids, so unless you were playing full time and able to significantly gear several characters, your professions took a hit.

Personally, I was too engaged in that artifact power grind, to level and gear my alts, until we hit that magical artifact level 75, many months later.

Battle for Azeroth is a wonderful sigh of relief when it comes to professions. 

Profession Changes in Battle for Azeroth

  • 150 skill points required to max out each profession.
  • Gain skill points by doing the profession i.e. gathering or crafting, and as your skill points rise, more recipes are unlocked at the trainer for you to purchase.
  • The Rank 1,2,3 of recipes, still remains from Legion, but these are no longer locked behind Mythic Dungeons. For Herbalism, once you’re at a certain skill level, and you have picked X number of herbs, the quests to rank up your recipes can be picked up right from the trainer.  No need to endlessly grind the herb, and then have to Hearthstone back to the trainer to pick up the quest and then head back to grind out the quest. In BFA this process is much smoother as a result.
  • In Alchemy, simply crafting an item will earn you skill points (no need to be AT the alchemy trainer either – you can craft ANYWHERE), and the higher ranks of the recipe will become available at the trainer. Pay him 50g and off you go. Simple!

Now, because of the profession changes I’ve outline above, leveling an alt or two will not be as cumbersome as it was in Legion.

The Azerite power grind is nothing compared to the Artifact power grind of Legion. Instead of it being your all consuming goal, it’s something that just happens alongside your normal questing and gearing up. 

So my Leveling Plan is a lot simpler than it’s been in the past:

Here’s my Battle for Azeroth Leveling Plan in a nutshell, by Character

Hunter Main

Launch Night Leveling! Level Herbalism at the same time. PICK ALL THE THINGS.

Level zones in following order:

  • Tiragarde Sound
  • Establish Foothold: Voldun (to access Akunda’s Bite for Flask production later)
  • Drustvar
  • Establish Foothold: Zuldazar
  • Stormsong Valley
  • Establish Foothold: Nazmir (least favourite zone)

Once at level 120, Level Alchemy with all the gathered herbs. Whilst leveling, send any Tidespray Linen and BoE Greens to Mage Alt.

Mage Alt

Level through dungeons and zones of choice to disenchant all the gear for mats.

Level Enchanting, focus on creating Enchants for Hunter main.

Level Tailoring with spare Tidespray Linen, make bags for the Auction House or craft low level items for disenchanting

Priest Alt

Level to Max at own pace by preferred zones with good ore nodes.

Level Mining while heading for 120.

Send gathered Tidespray Linen and BoE greens to Mage Alt.

Once at 120, Level Jewelcrafting, and send suitable gems to Hunter main.

Before Warlords of Draenor I wrote a piece called ‘Getting Ready for a new expansion: Warlords of Draenor‘, and before Legion, I wrote ‘Character and Alt Management Before Pre-Patch‘.  I reread those while I was writing this post, and the one thing that struck me, is that I had SO much energy at the end of those expansions to keep pushing hard and prepping for the new one.

My takeaway from this, is that while I have enjoyed Legion thoroughly, I must admit it has left me…utterly exhausted, in trying to keep up.

It has been a positively GRUELLING 2 year expansion!

Normally this is the point where I poke fun at the people who say there’s nothing to do, and come up with a tasty list of things I’d still like to complete, such as:

What a Long Strange Trip it’s Been

Finally getting Skadi the Ruthless (Useless) to cough up the Blue Proto-Drake

Going to persuade Kael’thas to finally hand over Ashes of Alar (lol, too far to travel)

Finally getting the bloody Recipe: Vial of the Sands from Archaeology (Arche-lol-ogy) Update: OMG – this totally happened, thank Rngeezus that’s one off my list! Success!

I laugh out loud at how I thought this would be the expansion where I finally found the time to go and get those mounts from the Argent Dawn tournament in Northrend (hard nope).

Instead I’m going to tell you this…

Take a break. It’s Summer in the Northern Hemisphere.  Walk around outside. Breathe fresh air.

I’m not telling you to cancel your subscription.

We are currently only about 62 days from the launch of Battle for Azeroth.

Log in when you want to. Raid if you want to. Make some gold on the AH.

Play how you WANT to. If you don’t want to? Don’t.

The Battle for Azeroth commences on the 14th of August, and we need all our soldiers fit and ready for combat.

Rather be ready for THAT.


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