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Battle for Azeroth Beta Access – Agility and Strength users take note

Battle for Azeroth Beta access…

…is highly prized by many, if not all World of Warcraft fans.  What I find interesting about Battle for Azeroth Beta access, is all the different reasons that people want it.

High end raiders want to test the encounters that they’ll be facing, when the content is live, and they’re in a race to world first.

Data mining sites want to be the first to bring you the news about all the new shiny things.

My own reasons for wanting Battle for Azeroth Beta access are thus:

Finding my way around

Don’t you just hate bumbling around looking for that path up the mountain, only to discover the ‘thing’ you are looking for is actually in a cave underneath? It’s SO frustrating!

I do not enjoy getting lost! Until BFA Pathfinder (similar to Legion Pathfinder) is live, we’ll be bound to the ground and forced to find our way via the map…so I like to be prepared.

I am THAT person that months into a new raid tier, still wonders which direction the next boss is.

So I explore the entire map in each zone, find the flight masters, follow the roads, and get to know “where stuff is” that I need so that when the expansion is live, I don’t experience that frustration when I’m trying to level my main character.

Seeing the Story

I take my time leveling on beta. I read the quest text. I listen to the NPCs as they prattle on around me. I pay FAR more attention to the story on beta, even when a cutscene is replaced with a message saying ‘epic cutscene here: no spoilers!’. This is because when the expansion is live? Leveling is a process that must be followed to get to the goal of maximum level as soon as possible.

Getting the Gear

Another reason I take my time leveling on Beta, is so that I can see which rares drop which loot, and the reason this matters is because I may wish to delay killing a rare that drops a nice item, because of level-scaling. i.e. if I kill a rare that drops a pair of boots with a perfect combination of stats for my main (hunter), then killing it when I’m level 113 will result in a lower item level (less stats) item. If I wait till I’m level 120, then it might just proc up nicely and be a good piece for jumping into Heroic and even Mythic 0 dungeons with.

Gearing on live, and being raid ready is a serious business for me, and while I’m no hardcore raider, I like to know that I’ve done the best I can, before my team hits the first raid of the expansion so that I can bring the best damage possible right away.

Reputation Priority

Battle for Azeroth Beta access allows me to see which faction grinds I should focus on first, based on what their Quartermaster offers in terms of mounts/gear/items required to make entry to raiding easier.

This in turn affects my desired…

Leveling Path for Live

I like to choose ahead of time, what route I want to follow, to level my main character when the expansion goes live.

As I said at the start, I tend to get lost, or blunder off the beaten track pulling ALL of the things, and I choose my leveling path based on: (in no particular order)

  1. quest hub density
  2. ease of access to quest objectives
  3. zones with the least caves/mountains are done first (I…hate…caves…) and mountains can be annoying when you don’t have flying.
  4. zones that contain herbs that I need for alchemy are usually favoured as well (e.g. Voldun is a Horde leveling zone – in Zandalar, that contains Akunda’s Bite, which is needed for Agility Flasks, so I will choose Voldun as my first ‘foothold expedition’ quest of the 3 that we get during the Alliance leveling process).


I like to work out how professions work, so that when it goes live, I know whether to keep or sell any particular item that looks unimportant (Starlight Rosedust anyone?).

It also means that I can send materials to my alts while my main is leveling live.

The herbs generally work a little like they used to, in expansions prior to Warlords. That is, they each have a specific type of terrain that they prefer. In Warlords and Legion, herbs were restricted to specific zones, but in Battle for Azeroth, they return to a more botanically viable system. I.e. Riverbud is found along river banks, Sea Stalk on coastal areas, Winter’s Kiss in snowy areas and Siren’s Pollen is found attached to the trunks of trees (where it is called ‘Siren’s Sting’ until it is looted) etc.

An interesting addition to ‘herb spawn areas’ is Star Moss which is interesting because;

a) it has red flowers in horde zones, and you guessed it, blue flowers in Alliance zones, and

b) it grows on walls and under bridges

Click these images below to enlarge

Important Note for Hunters, Alchemists

A herb called Akunda’s Bite is required to craft several items of vital importance if you are an agility, strength user or alchemist.

This includes:

Currently on beta (as of today 29th of May 2018) I’ve not seen Akunda’s Bite spawn anywhere outside of Voldun, which is a Horde leveling zone, on Zandalar. Thought it’s possible that it has just not been added to drier zones on Kul Tiras (which has a more northern (less tropical) vibe to its flora.

Star Moss


Siren’s Sting (which loots as Siren’s Pollen)

Anchor Weed is similar to the Golden Lotus from Mists of Pandaria in that it seems to be a special herb that spawns anywhere the others can.

TLDR: If you’re an Alliance main, and need Agility or Strength flasks? Do Voldun as your first ‘Establishing a foothold’ mission when you’re leveling to give you access to the zone.

(Newbie Note: For Battle for Azeroth, Alliance and Horde have separate leveling zones, on two separate continents, but a part of the leveling process, you get to establish footholds in the opposite factions zones).

What are YOUR thoughts on Battle for Azeroth beta? Do you have beta? Do you want it or are you happy to wait for it to go live? If you do have it, what do you use it for most? Let me know in the comments below!

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