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New Overwatch Support Hero – Moira

I love playing an Overwatch Support Hero!

Call me a girl gamer, who is a total cliché but I don’t care. I love them.

So at Blizzcon 2017 when they announced a new Overwatch support hero, I was thrilled!

Say hello to New Overwatch Support Hero Moira…

This is her origin story…

So a couple of things are clear:

In the early days she was a member of Overwatch’s covert division (Blackwatch), but a thirst for power and research unfettered by the constraints of morality led her down the path to Talon (along with other former Blackwatch members).

new overwatch support hero moira in talon

She is clearly the medical officer who turned Gabriel Reyes into the character we know as Reaper.

new overwatch support hero moira with reaper

This is going to make her interactions with Mercy really interesting! I can’t wait to hear those.

2 Things Excite me about this new Overwatch Support Hero

  1.  Her play style seems similar to Symmetra (I won’t know this for certain until I’ve tried her out on the PTR), and I play a lot of Symmetra.
  2.  She seems to have a good balance of healing and damage like Zenyatta – who I’ve recently started spending more time on in competitive.

Thirdly, I kind of her like her marginally snooty English accent (although, is this an American voice actor, using a British accent? Or a British actor who’s been living in the US? I heard a teensy bit of yank in one of her lines.

Her full name suggests and Irish ancestry, and her base of operations includes Dublin, but I wonder why they didn’t decide to go with a full on proper Irish accent. That would have been a good choice I think.

I suppose she also reminds me of Li-Ming in Heroes of the Storm, with the orbs and the ‘ultimate‘ beam. – I know Li-Ming is from Diablo, but I don’t play that, so HotS is my only frame of reference.

I cannot wait to hear the snark that she will bring. You hear her in the video below – sarcastically using one of Hanzo’s lines.

Blizzard don’t usually make us wait too long after announcing a new hero, to loading them to the PTR, so I’m sure it won’t be long until we can try out all her abilities. If you want more info on her – take a look at Blizzard’s official webpage for Moira.

One last thing…since the Overwatch dev team love easter egging th e mother loving heck out of us…I must ask:

Who dis?


What do you guys think??

Let me know in the comments below, and please share this post.


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