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Moira Moments on Live

Moira Moments on Live!

Moira was announced at Blizzcon, and here are some of my favourite gameplay ‘Moira Moments’ with her so far.

I find her extremely versatile as a support hero.  While she’s new to live servers, many players are still figuring out how to counter her, especially her ultimate ability. This means that there are ample opportunities to swan in and collect multiple gold medals.

The professionals are saying that she’s not suited for a ‘dive comp’ but it really depends on your level of skill as to how effective she’s going to be (and the skill of those you are up against), and certainly at my level, there is no real cause for concern as to her suitability.

(Call me savage, but the satisfaction of taking down that annoying Genji that would have annihilated you if you were playing Mercy…is awesome)

I’m no professional, but my personal opinion is that she works best on maps where there isn’t too much open sky or best utilised in situations where the enemy is cornered, or in small rooms etc.

If you can get three enemies lined up, running up a passage towards you – and your ultimate becomes available?  It’s one of the best Moira moments there is!

I love chasing someone down, flinging a purple orb at them, watching them panic as it bounces around the room, and either finishing them off with her damage ability or using her ‘blink’ (teleport) to escape from them and topping up my team mates as I go (if I am still alive enough!).

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