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Thoughts on Legion Beta

Thoughts on Legion Beta

My thoughts on Legion Beta are probably better formed than those for Warlords, since I have now spent more time in Beta than ever before.  Good job Blizzard!

I’m still trying not to spoil it for myself, and only doing things that I’d really like to see.

Today I spent time taking a look at the different class halls, and also the artefact questlines for some of my alts.

For the classes and specs I’ve done up to now, obtaining the artefact is of course a natural part of the process of establishing the class hall. e.g. You get the artefact and voila – you now need to establish the order hall under your leadership.

How is this different from being a ‘Commander’ of the Garrison in Warlords?

Well, for one thing, its a far more refined, interesting and frankly gripping quest series.

For a start, the artefact quest is different for every single spec, not just class. That means you have 3 options for each character (yeah yeah, 4 on a Druid, 2 on a Demon Hunter), and of course you can choose to do these quests after you’ve done the first one.

Prior to this morning, I’d done the artefact questlines for Demon Hunter (both) and Hunter (BM and SUV), all of which were interesting. I really liked the one for the Scythe of Elune (for Balance Druids) also.

Thoughts on Legion Beta Artefact Questlines

This morning, I did the artefact questline for Retribution Paladin. That is, for Ashbringer.

thoughts on legion beta

I have never mained a paladin, or even bothered to do a legendary questline as one before. I created a paladin for the first time, back in Mists of Pandaria simply to be a blacksmith, and produce Living Steel Belt Buckles for my main raiding character.

They’re all bowing for me! Excellent ego boost right there Blizzard!


This mornings beta shenanigans, had me almost in tears (the good, emotional, oh my god this experience is amazing kind).  If there was a way that I could have picked up the phone, and rung the team at Blizzard that created it just to thank them, I would have speed dialed them, and gushed down the phone how moving it was.


This spurred me on, to see MORE! Must.have.more!

So, in order to prove my theory wrong, that they were all in fact amazing. I picked a class whose order hall I knew wouldn’t be super attractive and I couldn’t be swayed by aesthetics. I’m a visual person, I know…

Enter the Elemental Shaman Artefact Quest for the Fist of Ra-den



Being empowered by the elements!


Elevated to the rank of Farseer for the Earthen Ring!


My ego could get used to all this bowing and whatnot…


After this, I went and obtained Felo’melorn for my Fire Mage… (confess, you said it just like Kael’thas), and now you’re saying Felo’mena sha!

Are you starting to see the stroke of ego genius that Blizzard have done here?

They’ve gone out of their way to make of us feel like we matter.

Like we’re important.

That we all have a job to do, to defend Azeroth from this latest threat, that WITHOUT US, Azeroth is doomed! (Touché)

I honestly don’t know how they’re going to top this, because it’s bloody brilliant.


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