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No Legion Alpha either huh? Here’s what I’m doing to keep busy in WoW

No Legion Alpha either huh? Here’s what I’m doing to keep busy in WoW

Keep busy in WoW! It’s easier than you think.

We’ve reached that stage of the expansion, where I’m grateful that I have a bit more time to devote to all those things I missed out, by only beginning to play (and very casually at that) in mid to late Cataclysm.

This means that there are still a ton of factions for me to get to know, mounts to collect and just generally a ridiculous amount of activities that I can choose from.

Here’s a summary of how I’m going to keep busy in WoW.


Yes, my alliance guild (Last Try of the Evening)  are still working our way through Mythic Hellfire Citadel. Our most recent kill last week, was Xhul’horac. A punishing fight, but we did it!

Here’s our video! (Thumbnail by Artenesse, Video edit by Mithrandix)

Reputation Farming

This sounds worse than it actually is, and funnily enough I hadn’t planned on doing it specifically, but a guildie turned up to raid with a really great looking tabard, and when I found out where it was from, I got that – I MUST HAVE IT NOW feeling, and was happy to discover the Isle of Quel’Danas has a set of really pleasant dailies for gaining reputation with the Shattered Sun Offensive.  The quickest way to get there, is through the portal at Shattrath City, alternatively, if you have the flight point, and need to go afk for 15 solid minutes, you can fly from Stormwind 😀


Previously, the only time I’d spent here was a few runs through Magisters Terrace for the Orb of the Sindorei (Blood Elf Illusion toy) (got the Swift White Hawkstrider on my first run), so I was already nearly Honoured with the Shattered Sun Offensive. There are a LOT of dailies, so this is one rep grind that doesn’t feel like it’s going to take forever, and that tabard is really very nice.

I searched for the tabard on Wowhead, and was pleased to discover that they already have the ability to save ‘outfits’ submitted by users, that pair tabards and transmogs, which has led me to running Ulduar also (on normal 10 for a specific set of shoulders, legs and chest). When I have all the pieces, I’ll be sure to post a picture on twitter, so follow me @artenesse if you’re into transmog.

In terms of reputation farming, if you’re unsure which reputation to work on next – I recommend going to Wowhead and doing the following:

How to use the Wowhead Character Profiler to plan Reputation Farming

Wowhead/Profiler/Look up profile, then select your region e.g. NA/EU, Server and type in your character name to import your armory details to Wowhead.


You’ll be presented with a screen that looks like this (example by my rarely played Priest Jewelcrafter alt), who is lucky if she gets any kind of gear at all…ever.


Click on the tab that says reputation.

See along the top?

Equipment set/Mounts/Battle Pets/Recipes/Quests/Achievements/Titles/Reputation/Talents

You’ll then see a screen that hopefully looks a bit more completed than this one 🙂

What you should do immediately is CLICK ON THE REPUTATION COLUMN to sort your reputations from Exalted first. This way, you can see which reputations you need to get, which are the closest to being completed.  I found two reputations on my main hunter yesterday, that were at like 98%, so they were quickly despatched before I started working on the Shattered Sun.


Once you’ve done this – you can save the entire URL as a bookmark, and just click it next time to see how you’re doing. If you don’t use the Wowhead uploader tool, then just click the blue ‘update’ button in your character profiler, to request a resync so that you can update the list.

Gathering Materials

I’m also gathering materials required for transmog at an greater rate than before. I wrote about the Transmogpocalypse  and opportunity to make gold, that I believe will happen in 7.0 shortly before the launch of Legion, when we gain access to the transmog wardrobe and suddenly people will be needing materials required to craft hundreds of pieces of legacy gear for people suddenly looking for their missing ‘looks’ in their wardrobe.

This means gathering from all expansions – Cloth, Leather and specifically the rare items.  If you’re a Tailor, then think of Moonshroud, Ebonweave, Spellweave etc If you’re a Leatherworker, think about the rare leathers such as Blackened Dragonscale, Cobra Scales, and such.

Then you can either pre-craft items that need these mats, or simply hold onto them, and then sell them when 7.0 hits and watch the Gold just ROLL RIGHT IN. I’m willing to bet there will be a market for both.

This also means that you should hoard with glee, any Eternals, Primals, Volatiles etc as these are highly prized in some craftable sets.

Level something fresh to 20 for the Hearthstone promotion!

Above all else? Have fun!

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