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Character and Alt Management BEFORE Pre-Patch

Character and Alt Management BEFORE Pre-Patch

Character and Alt Management before pre-patch the last time I wrote about it, was before the Warlords of Draenor launch.

Last time, my three major points were:

  1. You’ll need bag space
  2. You’ll need maxed out professions
  3. You’ll need gold.

For Legion, the bag space issue will be much less of a problem


The Transmog Wardrobe

If you haven’t already read, or watched a video on how this will free up most of your bag, bank and void storage space, then please watch this great video by Tradechat which will explain everything.

I still agree that you will need maxed out professions, perhaps even more so now, than with Warlords of Draenor which actually provided excellent catch up mechanics.

Last time I wrote about how you may need to swop out professions, so that you don’t have dual crafters, although it seems as though the devs are adding drops of the Blood of Sargeras to more instances now, which eases the crises somewhat. I’m still glad I’ve sorted out my professions though, because honestly, they just make more sense now.

If you hope to focus on your gold making at all in Legion, then I suggest you give yourself the best chance of maximising your Blood of Sargeras farming ability by ensuring you have a gathering profession alongside a crafting one. The only exception to this rule is if you have for example, Alchemy and another crafting profession. This is because alchemists will have the ability to transmute bloods from other materials.

Gold, yes you will still need a mountain of gold, preferably a mountain range of gold.

We are mere weeks away from the Legion Pre-Patch (widely expected to be approx 3-4 weeks before the launch on August 30th), so you really should be maximising your garrison and shipyard gold missions before they are taken away (yes they are going bye-bye in 7.0), it’s basically free gold, if you don’t do this now, and you complain about things being expensive in Legion, or not having enough gold, this is because you are being worse than lazy, you are being stupid. Harsh, but true!

How hard is it to login to a bunch of alts and just spam missions?  It takes less than 10 minutes to zip through all of mine, and I have more than most 😉 Trust me on this, do it now, and you’ll be smiling later.

Character and Alt Management

  1. I’m checking that, I don’t have any duplicate gear items (e.g. items with the same appearances). Those that are duplicates are either sold or disenchanted depending on which expansion they are from. (e.g. a Cataclysm green is more valuable than a Mists of Pandaria green since it disenchants into Hypnotic Dust which is useful for making Embersilk Bags)
  2. I am ensuring that all random cloths, leathers, dusts etc are being sent to the character with the appropriate profession, stored in their respective reagent banks.
  3. Cloths are being bolted to maximise space.
  4. Any ‘magical’ crafting items such as: Eternals, Primals, Motes, Spirits and Volatiles are sent to my main storage alt who has a guild bank attached. Using Altoholic, it’s easy to see where everything is stored in the event that I decide to craft a legacy item, since the amount and location of the items are listed in the tooltip.
  5. I am currently hoarding my salvage crates, because these too are being somewhat nerfed, and salvage yards will drop crates with a different spell ID, which will not contain the same items as now.  I’m still opening a few, and continue to sell greens on the AH, and the odd blue or purple transmog find is being sent to a character that hasn’t already learned that appearance – so that when the pre-patch hits, they automatically learn that items appearance. Any duplicate rares or epics are being sold or sent for storage to my second guild bank alt, for sale at a later time.

Other things to do before the 7.0 Legion Pre-Patch

  1. Apexis Crystals…oh how we love to hate thee.  I’ve seen some guildies moaning about having too many and nothing to spend it on. I have advised looking to purchase items that people will still want/need in later expansions which might be easy to obtain now, but difficult later. (Pets…) Gold making isn’t a super quick journey, sometimes you have to invest in items for the long term…just like life
  2. Shirts…Tailors, now is a good time to collect patterns for shirts since these will also be added to the transmog wardrobe, there are so many vendors out there that sell either shirts themselves, or the patterns to make them, I have discovered so many just by interacting to NPCs that I would otherwise ignore, if they weren’t part of the leveling/questing experience. You would be amazed by what you can find by doing this.
  3. Alt Leveling. I have many alts, but still do not have every class at maximum.  I have 11 alts at 100, but I still lack a Rogue, Death Knight and a Warrior at maximum. I have decided to try and level these in the time before prepatch, simply because I want to experience ALL the class halls first hand.
  4. Reputation grinds, now is as good a time as any to try and top up reputations that are near exalted.
  5. Some characters will have gained rep differently, depending on how you leveled, for example now is a good time on my mage, to finish up the last 10 days of dailies that I need, in order to buy the Drake of the West Wind from the Baradin’s Wardens Quartermaster in Tol Barad. If you only do the dailies on the Island you can net 5-6 per day. If your faction is currently controlling the PVP area, you can get an additional 6 from there.  There are TWO mounts you can earn there, both of which are really unique looking. The Reins of the Spectral Steed (Alliance) and the Reins of the Spectral Wolf is the Horde version. There are plenty of examples of old faction grinds that have great rewards if you put in some time.

Reins of the Spectral Steed


Lastly a word on account security.

I take my account security very seriously, and yesterday I experienced what I thought was a breach.

Basically, I was at the mailbox and used my regular ‘open all my mail’ addon – at which point I moused over my gold on that character, and noticed a 135k deficit.


I hadn’t bid on any auctions for days with this character, so needless to say I was in a bit of shock when I saw it.

To cut a very long story short,  Blizzard kindly went through all the logs around the time I saw this, and could find no trace of the gold (this is after general customer support fobbed me off with ‘oh yeah you’ve spent about this much’ – BS – and I had it escalated to a GM).

My own addon Tradeskill Master couldn’t find it in the accounting section either, there had been no COD, no trades or purchases that could explain this either.

During the course of the next few hours disabled my insta post opening addon in case there was something weird going on with the code (thank you @thegoldqueen for checking!), and I began to notice other characters randomly show profits that I couldn’t account for either.

Basically it boils down to some addons having corrupted/inconsistent/un-synced data, which although it displayed my gold incorrectly, hadn’t actually amounted to any losses.

So, it is a good time to refresh your installation of WoW people! Get rid of old addons, freshen up the ones you use regularly and make sure you don’t get the same shock as I did!

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Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.


  1. Roneebean

    well i dropped one of my crafting professions on an Alt and now will be levelling mining ( luckily and strangely its a profession i enjoy). My main guy has always been an alchemist/herbalist and it may be profitable to change but..that wouldn’t be him.

    • Artenesse

      I’m just about done with my professions swop now. Just a few skill points left. The garrison has really been useful for this, and just doing a bit each day.


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