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Month: July 2016

Thoughts on Legion Beta

My thoughts on Legion Beta are probably better formed than those for Warlords, since I have now spent more time in Beta than ever before. ¬†Good job Blizzard! I’m still trying not to spoil it for myself, and only doing things that I’d really like to see. Today I spent time taking a look at the different class halls, and also the artefact questlines for some of my alts. For the classes and specs I’ve done up to now, obtaining the artefact is of course a natural part of the process of establishing the class hall. e.g. You get...

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Character and Alt Management BEFORE Pre-Patch

Character and Alt Management before pre-patch the last time I wrote about it, was before the Warlords of Draenor launch. Last time, my three major points were: You’ll need bag space You’ll need maxed out professions You’ll need gold. For Legion, the bag space¬†issue will be much less of a problem Why? The Transmog Wardrobe If you haven’t already read, or watched a video on how this will free up most of your bag, bank and void storage space, then please watch this great video by Tradechat which will explain everything. I still agree that you will need maxed...

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