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Month: April 2016

Streaming 101: Can my internet connection handle streaming?

What internet connection is required for streaming on Twitch or YouTube live? Can my internet connection handle streaming? I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question at some point, if you’re a gamer. There are a number of variables to this question, because of course, a stream quality is determined not only by the internet connection/frame rate that can be streamed, but also by the power of the computer’s cpu that has to be able to deliver the frame rate both to your own eyeballs as well as to the web in general (very basic explanation). For the purposes of...

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Streaming 101: Getting Started

My┬álocal area recently got upgraded to fibre internet, which means that I’m now able to begin streaming. There is plenty of preparation that can be done before you even start streaming, and I thought I would write down my journey as a short guide to others who are wanting to start streaming. What is streaming? Streaming is when you broadcast your game or creative activity right from your desktop to a streaming service such as, or YouTube Live for example. My Twitch Profile Banner Why stream? Streaming is fast becoming a form of mainstream entertainment, and the best...

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