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Month: March 2016

Planetbase : The Space Colony Management Game

Planetbase is on sale, on Steam this week, for around a tenner. (Approximately £11). If building and managing a colony in space is your thing, you MUST try it out. It’s a very engaging and challenging game. TLDR…it’s difficult. Like…so difficult, that I’m failing on the easiest level, optimistically called ‘Accessible’. Accessible? My fuzzy pandaren butt! The levels are called: Accessible, Challenging, Overwhelming, and…Suicide. Here’s the thing, you’re in space, and establishing a colony on a planet, which on accessible, looks like I imagine, like Mars. In fact, more than once I’ve imagined the place populated with little Matt Damons....

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A Balanced Look at Warlords of Draenor

Here’s what I thought of Warlords of Draenor. I feel like people are so quick to go to twitter with their rage and disappointment, and what happens as a result is that we get a severely skewed image of this game that we all love, and its latest expansion. What you should know, is that this is not a ‘oh but Warlords was truly great’ post, but rather my attempt at trying to break down the parts that I enjoyed vs the parts that I did not enjoy, in an attempt to give a more balanced and therefor fair view....

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No Legion Alpha either huh? Here’s what I’m doing to keep busy in WoW

Keep busy in WoW! It’s easier than you think. We’ve reached that stage of the expansion, where I’m grateful that I have a bit more time to devote to all those things I missed out, by only beginning to play (and very casually at that) in mid to late Cataclysm. This means that there are still a ton of factions for me to get to know, mounts to collect and just generally a ridiculous amount of activities that I can choose from. Here’s a summary of how I’m going to keep busy in WoW. Raiding Yes, my alliance guild (Last...

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