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World of Warcraft: Legion – They are coming

World of Warcraft: Legion  – They are coming

Ok, so the internet pretty much exploded yesterday with details of the new World of Warcraft: Legion expansion being released by Blizzard on stage at Gamescom.

I confess that in the week leading up to the announcement, I got swept up in enjoying all the “LEAK INFO” and “WHAT IF” scenario’s and I’m wondering if maybe I should have worn a blindfold instead. Or maybe stuck my fingers in my ears, and gone LA LA LA LA in order to avoid getting excited…

The thing is, that I kind of got my heart set on another ranged hunter-type class, with a focus on magic abilities (someone on the internet called it a Shadowstalker), with a healing spec and 2 dps specs. Someone else on the internet said that they’d heard that the class that was coming, was already present in Heroes of the Storm…so naturally, I thought…

OMG – it’s TYRANDE! It must be!! That is what I really wanted it to be!  

I main a hunter at the moment, and the thought of having to share weapons and armor type with a new class was totally ok with me, because OMG TYRANDE!

So then…at Gamescom, they showed a cinematic, which Tom Chilton emphatically stated was the link between the current expansion (Warlords of Draenor) and the next…

Here it is, in case you’ve been stranded on a desert island for the last few days, and you missed all the hype…hold onto your butts…

When I saw this, and the tattoos light up on Illidans chest…I was completely WRACKED with goosebumps!

So amazing!


It still didn’t quite dawn on me, that this probably meant our new class was going to be melee. -.- Despite the fact that my guild chat was going insane on my other monitor… lol (this is why I stand in fire and die).

Then WHAT was that unclarified snippet about Survival Hunters using spears? The forums say it was a troll, but honestly, I wouldn’t call anything at this point, until I see it live on servers!

So, ok, I fully expect the demon hunters to be put on the Conquerer (Paladin Priest Warlock) token, but to have another leather wearing class? I didn’t see THAT one coming…I guess it’s a good thing my hunter is a Leather Worker by trade…lots of gold to be made folks! All those new Demon Hunters are going to need very expensive threads!

Speaking of gold – have you guys seen the newly redesigned Tycoon Gold Addon? It’s looking and working better than ever!

To summarise my feelings on the reveal:

Here’s my thoughts in point form…

  • I’m really happy we have a new class
  • I’m gutted that the new class is melee (I literally have ZERO melee classes at max)
  • It only has two specs, I get why there’s no healing spec, but still THERE IS NO HEALING SPEC 🙁
  • Only two races get to play it? Ok, again, I *get* why, thanks to the lore, but still…options are fun…
  • No new race? No new profession?
  • I’m really happy that we’re getting Dalaran as a main hub, I don’t care if they’re reusing old content, I freaking love that city, I’ve alway wished it was our main hub.
  • I love that they are bringing Night Elf, Tauren and even Vrykul lore to the forefront. NO MORE ORCS (for awhile).
  • I’m not overly enthused by the class halls concept, but I’ll wait and see how that works out before making a judgement call.
  • I LOVE the idea of developing a weapon path, but I’m left wondering if we have to double grind both specs, in case they nerf one, and we have to raid with the other…

So in all, I’m looking forward to the new expansion, and I’ll probably have a stronger opinion when Beta is released, for now, I’m pleased that this game I love is out there, and continuing, and I’m sure the whole Legion angle will bring the players back in droves.


Here’s Panser and Perc’s view of the reveal, I love these gals, they make me laugh out loud. Enjoy!



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