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Which Faction are you? It’s not what you think…

Which Faction are you? It’s not what you think…

Right now in World of Warcraft there are two factions.

1. The Whiners

2. Those who go about making the most of the downtime

Which faction are you?

I think of them like this:

gummy bears

The first group, will always find a way to complain about something. It doesn’t matter where we are in the development cycle, content releases, or patches we are, but they will always, always find a way to complain about something. They buffed us by 5 ilvls? Let’s have a rage party! Let’s tell them how to do their jobs… (/sarcasm).

My issue with The Whiners, is that they don’t seem to be able to convey their dissatisfaction in a way, that makes me want to take them seriously.

Sometimes, I read on MMO-Champion – questions that have been put to the Blizzard devs and I find myself staring gaping mouthed at the level of stupidity, and sometimes downright rudeness that some people think is okay to level at the hard working folks at Blizzard. And Blizzard, bless ’em, answer them regardless.

are you not entertained

The other night I was watching the stream of a player whose videos I used to enjoy – but, I have since unsubscribed to him on YouTube, and also unfollowed him on Twitch, because of the way he chooses to voice his own frustration at the current ‘state of the game’.  In this case – it was not just what he was saying, but how he was saying it.  You don’t call the employees of Blizzard “f*cking lazy ar*eholes” because they haven’t updated some tiny corner of Azeroth, that you happen to spend some time in.

That’s right, the person, sat on his rear, playing games most of the day, called full time employees at a multi-million dollar company, LAZY.


Sure, you can be frustrated by whatever supposed ails your experience – but to label the employees (who I know are hard-working, passionate people) the term I stated above, is simply unacceptable to me. It’s an unfounded, unsubstantiated accusation, which makes that person lose credibility as a content producer.

Yes YOU sir, have now lost me as a source of advertising revenue, and will be hard pressed to win me back.  Good luck with that.



I didn’t contact this person directly, I didn’t call him names, I didn’t publicly call him out for doing what I thought was wrong. I made my opinion known, by unsubscribing. The only effect that I can have on this person, indirectly, is monetary.

It is the same with this game franchise that we all love (or for some people, love to hate), if players are unable to take their concerns to Blizzard, in a structured, polite way, their only other option is to simply unsubscribe, or the good of the universe simply shut the hell up.

 The rest of us, which fall into the second group, are people who quietly go about making the most of the downtime, and it is business as usual in Azeroth. 

For me personally, with an increased workload designing shizzle for Method, I am quite grateful for the sense that I’m not missing too much by spending a little less time focused completely on the game. I’ve even thought about going to have a looksee about some of those mounts I was after during the ACTUAL downtime during MoP.

I’m still logged in for a fair amount, but there are some things I’ve done to lighten the workload that I felt was sucking up too much of my time in game. Note how I am taking responsibility here for my own enjoyment, something which other players seem to think is Blizzards responsibility to provide for them.

I am no longer leveling alts.

I have 5 x 100s and right now – that is enough.

My last two alts are 98 and 92, and the only XP they’re earning currently, is from those purple XP missions, and every 3 days when they do their mine, and/or herb garden.  

I’m ok with that.

Garrisons are called a grind for some, but you have to be selective with what you do. My alts have never been less-played, and better geared! In MoP I had to grind LFR or pug flex/normal to gear alts…now THAT was a time-suck.

(Note I am only pursuing the Legendary questline on 2 characters at most. My main is completely up to date, the main-alt is still on Abrogator Stones, and I’m not fussed.)

My main does their garrison mine, barn, herb garden and profession buildings every day.

This is a quick-early-morning-with-coffee-routine that I enjoy while the house is quiet.  Doing all of the garrison things on my main, every day, leaves me satisfied that I am not slacking. I have had to accept that I simply cannot do this for every alt, so this is the goal for myself, that if I meet, I require myself to be satisfied!

My alts do their garrison mine and herb garden, and profession buildings every 3 days.

By forcing myself to only do this every 3 days – it really does stop myself from feeling that endless grind. My alts profession buildings are always topped, and I don’t lose out on any crafted mats. Sometimes admittedly, on the weekend, I might do their herb gardens and mines on both days, but thats ok with me, it’s not something I force myself to do. For the rest of the time my alts are parked in front of the missions desk.

Gold Making is SO EASY right now.

Most of my characters have the level 3 inn, for the Treasure Missions, and I have been recruiting a legion of Treasure Hunter followers for each one.  This makes gold making, ridiculously easy, and quite fast.  Since I’m not doing other garrison chores with my alts, I simply log into each one to complete, and restock missions, and I will ONLY unpack salvage on the day that I am also doing that alts mine and herb garden.


This means that 90% of my time is spent on my main, with short log-in-log-out sessions (about 3x a day) for my alts to simply restock missions.

This really is the expansion where I have absolutely embraced my main. Whether by design or by side-effect, the current garrison set up has cured me of my alt-addiction, and I am really happy about it.  I love that all my materials are within a small area – and I don’t have to go out and fly endless loops (Valley of the Four Winds anywone?) to gather materials.  My alts are better geared than ever before thanks to missions, salvage, and crafting.

In short – I feel as though I have gotten MORE out of the game, through LESS time invested.

Selfie cam

Blizzard even had the time to put in a fun, light-hearted humorous poke at society, by introducing the selfie camera, which I’m demonstrating here with my legion of sporebats. There were people who actually took the time to complain about that.

 I’m well aware that sometimes I sound like an old fart brandishing my walking stick at the youth of today, but for goodness sake people, learn how to construct a valid argument before you open your overzealous yaps. 

In MoP there were complaints about having to endlessly grind mats, and much whinging was had about the farm. Blizzard hand us the tools on a silver platter to gear our alts, and thus not having to queue for endless LFR, or pug normals to do so.

There were complaints that making gold was too difficult and time-consuming, so again, we are given the level 3 inn, and even the ability to double the gold by way of Treasure Hunters, and STILL there are those who whine about not having enough gold, or that things simply cost too much.

There are complaints about not enough content. LOOK AROUND YOU. There are THREE PLANETS worth of content for you to FIND THINGS TO DO. If you really cannot find a way to entertain yourself within this game, then maybe you should look at your own expectations, and start to figure out where the real problem is.

When are people going to realise that it is their own job to find the things they love doing in the game, and Blizzard are listening, are giving us everything within reason that we ask for,  and are completely on our side, and always have been?  





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