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The Warcraft Movie

The Warcraft Movie

When the Warcraft Movie project was officially re-announced, I wrote a light hearted post, about who I would cast in the leading roles of the Warcraft Movie. At the time, we had no details of what part of the Warcraft story the movie would cover, so I based it on *current* events in the game.

Now of course, we know who the main characters are and that the story predates current World of Warcraft and covers the time of Lothar and Durotan, and we just saw the trailer premiered at Blizzcon 2015, this past weekend, and I am completely enamoured with it.

As a long time fan of the original Warcraft RTS games, and as a fan of World of Warcraft as it is now, I have to say, that as a player, geek and all around nerd, I am most┬ápleased with what I’ve seen.

The trailer isn’t long, but if I were to judge it as a hardcore fan of the game, just based on this? A+ to Duncan Jones the director, and the cast members.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet (nice rock you’re under there) here it is without further ado:

Of course there will be haters, and frankly, haters gonna hate. There will be lore pundits that find fault with it, and people will find nitpicky rubbish to complain about – show me a movie where that hasn’t happened?

I, however am not one of them.

Can’t wait.

Even my non-WoW (heathen!) spouse, is excited about the movie, which to me is a good sign and harkens to the fact that the reception by general non-WoW geekdom should also be good.

Count down clock set for premier day!

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  1. Shadowmyzt

    Looks great to me and yes even my non-WoW playing friends said they want to see it. Can’t wait!


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