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Lightsabre sword in World of Warcraft

Lightsabre sword in World of Warcraft

Today the guards of Stormwind and Orgrimmar were all equipped with a lightsabre sword in World of Warcraft, as homage to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens which was released worldwide this week.

This guard (er… Jedi) was posted right outside the Auction House in the Trade District of Stormwind.


I tweeted this screenshot and was delighted to discover that this is actually an item that is available in game!

Thanks very much to @shammoz for his helpful reply:

So I took my nooby ret paladin for a looksee…

The only thing that will slow you down from getting your epic transmog, is getting to the instance, and then the drop rate.

Where is the entrance to The Slave Pens ?

You want to be in Outland/Zangermarsh/Coilfang Resevoir (that underwater pipey construct thing).


This is the approach from Telredor – above – and below is what it looks like once you’ve approached.


Drop straight down into the water and swim down the pipe.

Look at the mini-map – and you’ll see it’s shaped a bit like a 5 pointed star.


You want to swim towards the arm that is pointing towards 2 o’clock.

When you emerge from the pipe above the surface for some much needed air – there is a summoning stone in front of you – turn towards 11 o’clock and head down the passage to find the entrance to The Slave Pens just a little way down. Make sure the instance is set to normal.

Mennu  is the first boss (stick left and you can avoid most of those pesky naga, and just take out some of those lobster things on the way up) – and as such, if he doesn’t drop your “lightsabre” or at least the Spellfire Longsword (which is it’s proper name) just run out and reset until he does.

At level 100 you can just run past most of the trash just bop the ones on the noggin that directly cross your pass – and run straight to Mennu. Lather Rinse Repeat. The drop rate is 18% – so it’s not completely hideous.

If RNG is not your friend, take some Draenic Swiftness Potions with you – to make the run a bit easier. My paladin happened to be a miner as well – so I kept picking up the two Rich Adamantite Deposits along the way to gain the benefit from repeated attempts.

If you still need to grind rep with the Cenarion Expedition – then repeated attempts here will also help for that.  Remember – at exalted with them, you can buy the Cenarion War Hippogryph so there’s a mount in it for your troubles too!

This is the boss you are looking for!


It took me 6 runs (less than an hour) – a bit of running – and I got the Spellfire Longsworda lightsabre sword in World of Warcraft !

I also got 3g in loot (from noggin bopping trash that crossed my path – some Adamantite Ore, Eternium Ore and 4 Jaggal Pearls (from about 30 Jaggal Clams)

Here it is!



Note – it is a one handed sword.


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