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Suggestions for improvement on the PTR

Suggestions for improvement on the PTR

I have suggestions for improvement on the PTR, because I want to help improve everyones’ game play experience.

The importance of PTR, for me, is optimising how I am going to face the coming content, and if I am able to contribute to the game in any way, however small it may be, if this should ever be read by Blizzard then that would be my job on the PTR, well done.

Yesterday, I copied a character, got as far as building a shipyard, constructing a transport ship, sailing to Tanaan, and at that point, my character bugged out, with 0 health (even though I was still alive and running around). My pet had disappeared, and trying to summon a new one gave me error messages (lua error – wall of code).

Here is my character looking at the shipyard from the lighthouse…

suggestions for improvement on the ptr

This is PTR, this kind of stuff is supposed to happen, so that it doesn’t happen on live servers, so don’t misinterpret me, this post is in no way a rant. Just informational.

So I hearthstoned (probably a big mistake). For the rest of the day I was unable to connect, so I hoped Blizzard were updating.   This morning – sure enough there was a small update, so I managed to log in. But having hearthstoned, and not having a flight point in Tanaan, this character is now stuck in limbo, and I am unsure how to proceed…

So I copied my character again – and proceeded to do the Iron Docks quest that I talked about yesterday.

Clearly, the PTR is a lot busier today than before…

busy ptr

…and this is where I ran into a snaffoo…

Things Blizzard improved on from yesterday:

Respawn rates on mobs and interactive quest items were greatly improved, which allowed me to complete the quest faster than before.

This also meant that unforunately, I ran into this bottleneck, sooner…



Issue Number 1: there is only ONE grappling hook for everyone.

Does anyone remember launch night? Here’s a visual reminder:



Issue No. 2: USING the grappling hook is a REQUIRED part of the quest

Suggestions for improvement on the PTR

Blizzard can solve this issue by:

  • a) creating more grappling hooks at spaced intervals or
  • b) simply removing the requirement to ‘use’ it from the quest line.


People were using their Gorgrond Shredder outpost ability to reach the upper platform – which freed up the grappling-cannon – but since using it was a requirement – the bottleneck just got worse.

I’m glad that this happened on PTR, because it means that Blizzard have time to work on it before the patch goes live. It might be a small part of the overall questline, but to run into a bottleneck so early on – will lead to player frustration, and not everyone is as patient as myself, and several other calm souls on the PTR this morning, who were all very polite in asking the usual asshats to dismount their mammoths and stop squatting over the quest item we all wanted to use.

Which brings me to my last point…


The shipyard, is a beautiful addition to the garrison, visually stunning (applauds the art department).  My only gripe with it, is that it is located in the MOST INCONVENIENT PLACE EVER

As yet, there are no quick ways to get there built into the garrison, no portals, zip wires, cable cars or otherwise… I have resorted to using the Goblin Glider Kit from the tower outside the Lunarfall Excavation… so, can we begin to hope that we can expect flying in 6.2?

Can we?

Update!  It seems as though Wowhead has the scoop on changes to the garrison that will allow easier access to the shipyard -yay! Read it here

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