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Patch 6.2 on the PTR – NOBODY PANIC

Patch 6.2 on the PTR – NOBODY PANIC

NOBODY PANIC! Patch 6.2 is on the PTR!

Within hours of the patch being on the PTR, my twitter feed lit up like a Christmas tree with both the happy players and the whiners having their say. I may not be the world’s longest playing WoW-player (hardly, considering I started in mid to late Cataclysm), but even I’ve learned by now, that when the PTR goes live, it is hardly the complete picture of what will actually come to be.

As Elvine pointed out – there were no changes to professions yet – and I definitely think that those will get an update, if you consider how professions progressed in Mists of Pandaria. For example Leatherworking: Sha-Touched Leather–>Exotic Leather–>Magnificent Hide–>Hardened Magnificent Hide. So far in WoD we’ve only seen Raw Beast Hide–>Burnished Leather – so I’m calmly confident that we will be seeing some changes to professions at some point before the patch goes live.

When I logged into the PTR for the first time yesterday, character copy worked perfectly, and I was surprised to see several high ranking visitors to my garrison…

patch 6.2 ptr

Khadgar, King Varian Wrynn, and Yrel have made themselves comfortable and had a quest for me straight away, to procure a shipwright and plans for a shipyard.

The shipyard was one of the things that really jumped out at me from Wowheads initial post about, so I was glad to get into it straight away.

The quest sent me to the Iron Docks, which my garrison flight master sent me to directly – and completing the quest was easy, and took about the same length of time as completing a bonus objective while leveling, in a ‘fill up the blue bar‘ style quest.

2 other quest items were obtained, to complete the second part of the quest, followed by using a grappling hook to reach an upper level at the Iron Docks, at which point you (and several other people) zerg a mini-boss style NPC (easily soloable if you are geared) in order to then obtain (basically steal) the blueprints for a shipyard.

You then recruit one of the Iron Horde shipbuilders (Solog Roark) and you can garrison hearthstone out of there.

Quick and painless…unlike that blooming Garona Halforcen quest…An Inside Job…which was slightly more painful. (Understatement of the year).

garona halforcen garrison follower

She had better be worth it.



Make sure you have at least 8000 garrison resources available on your character if you want to get building straight away, as you will need 5000 to construct the shipyard (there is currently no cinematic short for it – but I’m sure it’s coming), and your first order of business, is building a transport ship, which costs a further 3000 resources.

Edit: On the PTR this morning resources required for a transport ship are 1000, not 3k. But this could change again…

You’ve probably been spending your resources on fish (if you are a slacky, non-fishing raider), or other mats – but make sure you have 8000, come patch day!

patch 6.2 alliance shipyard


I have to say, that Alliance side, your shipyard, and even the ghostly image of the ship that is ‘in progress’ of being built, is pretty darn spectacular…am I right?

Right, I’m off to explore the PTR a bit more, and see if my ship is ready yet!

More on Patch 6.2 features coming soon!

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