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On Designing for Method

On Designing for Method

So, a little while ago, I became the graphic designer for Method.

(Updated: I did design work for Method from Late High Maul (Warlords of Draenor) to just prior to Tomb of Sargeras (Legion) when sadly my schedule no longer allowed for the increasing demands of the exciting growth of the Method Brand, I however, remain a steadfast supporter of the raiders and of the brand/company in general. A great bunch of people!

Look it’s me!

methodboard management

What absolute joy to be able to combine my two great passions which are graphic design and WoW, and to be able to do it on a stage as big and widely viewed as Method?


The flipside has been the amount of time that has kept me from this website. But it’s all good – and now that Method have reclaimed world first and things are a little more settled, I can tell you a little more about designing for Method.

What I do: Designing for Method

In a nutshell, I design stuff! From banners to video thumbnails, PoV video overlays (PoV=Point of View) to images for Facebook , Twitter and the Method Website etc. Basically a huge variety, and I love doing it.

What I don’t do:

I don’t raid with them, and I have nothing to do with decisions affecting their raid team/players/guild in-game.

Come and say hi:

You should keep an eye on the Method website– since there will be many awesome changes coming, both in the content and the overall look and feel in the coming months, including new class guides being updated for 6.1 and beyond. Add it to your bookmarks now!

You should also be following the guild, as well as the Community Manager for the latest updates!

Graphic Design Services coming to WoW Adventurer

Many of you know already that my ‘day-job’ is graphic designer, but I’ve always been strict about keeping my gaming side and my regular design side quite separate, and that’s why now that I’m doing game-related design work for a much larger audience, I’ve decided to add a portfolio, and graphic design section to this website, instead of putting it on my regular business site.

If there is any type of design that you, your guild, or your gaming company have a need for, please feel free to use the contact form, or drop me an email.


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Artenesse specialises in digital graphic design, and has been a creative professional since 2006. Blogging since 2004 and gaming since before the internet was actually a thing.

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