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The new World of Warcraft expansion, named “Legion” was announced in August at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and that right there is the last thing I posted on this website.  One could say that gaming news of the Blizzard genre has been been rather sparse.

The content ‘downtime’ coincided with me suddenly getting really busy with design work, and just actually finding tons of ways to amuse myself in-game during this time frame, which left little time for documenting it here, as I love to do.

This week is the lead up to Blizzcon (7-8 November), and it seems as though every day there is some new snippet of awesomeness flying around the web.

So what have I been doing,  in-game during this quieter time? Feel free to use this list, to give yourself some ideas of things to do (while all that shizzle and shazam goes on in Anaheim this week).

  1. I’ve made an effort to play Hearthstone, build a deck and play ranked matches to reach lvl 20, to gain the seasonal cardback. Collecting things!
  2. I’ve spent an some time in Heroes of the Storm making sure I have one of each role at a decent enough level to play in Hero League. Loving Lt Morales and Sylvanas right now.
  3. Dabbled with Legacy of the Void: Starcraft in Beta Testing
  4. Making a ridiculous amount of gold in World of Warcraft and bought myself some mounts that I’d been holding off on for a long time. (Grand Expedition Yak, Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger etc)
  5. Raiding consistently at least 2x a week with my Alliance guild as we work our way through Mythic Hellfire Citadel, with many facepalms and laughs along the way.
  6. I’ve hunted down free achievement points just lying around waiting to be picked up. Pepe, mount collections notwithstanding 🙂
  7. I’ve been dabbling in some legacy games that I used to love playing, and was pleased to discover have been made available for the latest operating systems. (more on this later!)

I also decided to race change my mage (not my main) to a gnome, since I’d never had one at max level before. Honestly, I don’t get all the hate that gnomes have to deal with, because dayam, but they are cute!


They’re cute, they’re bouncy and they fit through doorways whilst mounted!

Having a fresh look at this character, has made me start to play it a bit more, which just goes to show, that sometimes all you need to do is suck it up, do the microtransaction, and you’ve breathed new life into your game play.

I have found Timewalking Dungeons a brilliant addition to the game!

It’s great to go back to these older instances, but at maximum level, because despite the down-scaling, you can actually do really well, by using several Legendaries equipped at once.  The agility legendary cloak Fen Yu, Fury of Xuen is particularly good for Hunters and if you’re doing TBC Timewalking Dungeons, then there is no excuse to not whip out Thori’dal, The Stars Fury  and make sparkly arrows at your targets !  Do this and prepare to have compliments thrown at you for your “epic deeps”.

It’s also a good time to appreciate just how amazing all these older instances are…I mean seriously, I’d like a garrison observatory that looks like THIS…(bonus points to blizzard if they could make it spin, and allowing you to click on the globe and teleport to the spot you clicked).


Righto, for the rest of this week, I’ll be getting excited for Blizzcon like the rest of you, but enjoying it in my PJ’s from home, because VIRTUAL TICKET!

The next few months will certainly see my website getting some much needed love and attention.

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