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Headset Review Razer Kraken Pro

Headset Review Razer Kraken Pro

This is an unsponsored, honest headset review of the Razer Kraken Pro which I purchased in March 2015.

I decided to do some headset reviews, since I’ve used four different headsets over the last 2 years, and I hope that my review could help someone decide if a particular headset matches their needs.

Today I’m looking at the Razer Kraken Pro, which you can see here below.

headset review razer kraken pro


Here’s a brief explanation of the criteria that I used to rate the headset:

  • Price: Whether or not I thought the price point was value for money.
  • Sound Quality: My personal opinion on the sound quality the headset provided
  • Microphone Quality: My personal opinion on the sound quality of my voice, which I recorded and played back to myself, along with the opinion of team mates on Teamspeak.
  • Comfort:  How the headset felt at first, as well as how it felt after several hours of gameplay.
  • Features: The style, and bells and whistles of the headset.

Headset Review Razer Kraken Pro : Summary

I have always loved the look and design of Razer Products, which is why I chose this headset initially.  It came packaged well, like all other Razer products I’ve ever purchased (I’m a huge fan of the Razer Naga 2014 Expert MMO Gaming Mouse ) and this headset did not disappoint.

I really liked the long cord, since I’m prone to doing this…Headphones_My_Big_Fat_Greek_Wedding


In terms of noise cancellation (the exclusion of external noise), this headset is way beyond any other headset I’ve ever tried.

However, I’ve listed this as both a pro feature, and a con.  If you’re looking for the immersion factor, then this headset is right on the money, but for me, I’m a mom, and I can’t escape the fact that sometimes I need to hear if my minions are attempting to rip each others heads off, or say, set the kitchen on fire.  This headset’s sound quality is so good, that I wouldn’t hear any of that.

The microphone quality was better than with other headsets I’ve used, and my only concern was with the retractable nature of it, and how this might affect its longevity? Time will tell.

My only issue with the headset was the round ear pieces. Maybe my ears are longer and narrower than some, (Vulcan anyone?) but I had to make sure my ears were tucked in (totally making myself sound like Dumbo here…) every time I put them on.

Another thing, which I can hardly believe is missing, is the lack of a physical volume control – either on the headset itself or on the cord. If there IS one, and I’ve missed it, Razer please let me know, but I haven’t found one yet. For now, all adjustments are made directly on the PC. A feature that I do like – is the Razer surround sound software that allows you to customise and save various sound profiles.

On first use the headset felt very tight, but Razer state in their product documentation (yes I always read all of it) that it is a natural thing for a new product to feel a bit snug at first, and that it would ease up with repeated use.

After an hour of wearing it, I was definitely aware of it, but the product is actually quite lightweight in comparison to other headsets I’ve worn, and with time I’m sure it will feel more comfortable.

For now one of my minions has claimed it as his own, since he loves the colour.  It also gives him a legitimate alibi, when I yell that it’s time to GET OFF MINECRAFT NOW, and he doesn’t, because he can’t hear me.

razer kraken pro

Razer Kraken Pro
[su_note note_color=”#79fc24″]The Razer Kraken Pro is currently (at the time of writing this) at an all time low price point of around £58, which for a headset of this quality, is a MAJOR BARGAIN.[/su_note]

If you’re not into the lime green, Razer have since released the Razer Kraken Pro NEON series, which gives you a tasty variety of squee-inducing colours to pick from.

Amazon stock the full range of Blue, RedYellow, Purple and Orange (and more).




In short: a good quality headset, at a decent price, which would make a great gift for the gamer in your life.

Lastly, this review contains affiliate links from both Amazon, and the Razer Online Store, which cost you nothing, but help to support my site, if you click through and purchase something as a result. Thank you for reading this far.

Razer Kraken Pro Neon

Razer Kraken Pro




Sound Quality


Microphone Quality







  • Noise cancellation
  • Very long cord
  • Razer surround sound software
  • Cloud storage for settings


  • Round Ear Pieces
  • Very tight at first
  • Noise cancellation
  • No physical volume control

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