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Headset Review Hyper X Cloud II

Headset Review Hyper X Cloud II

This is an unsponsored honest headset review of the Hyper X Cloud II which I purchased in late April 2015.

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Today I’m looking at the Hyper X Cloud 2, seen below.

hyper x cloud 2

I rate headsets using the following criteria:

  • Price: Whether or not I thought the price point was value for money.
  • Sound Quality: My personal opinion on the sound quality the headset provided
  • Microphone Quality: My personal opinion on the sound quality of my voice, which I recorded and played back to myself, along with the opinion of team mates on Teamspeak.
  • Comfort:  How the headset felt at first, as well as how it felt after several hours of gameplay.
  • Features: The style, and bells and whistles of the headset.

Headset Review Hyper X Cloud II : Summary

I first became aware of the Hyper X Product Line by Kingston, when they began sponsoring Method, the current world no. 1 Mythic Raid team in World of Warcraft.  Now while it’s true that I do some graphic design work for Method, I have no affiliation with Hyper X at all, and I am not sponsored by them personally. To be perfectly clear, I used my own money to purchase this headset.

The price point was just £69.99, which is the same as what I paid for the Razer Kraken Pro a month earlier. It’s currently (at the time of writing this) available on for around £70.  I bought it as as part of a multi product deal from PC Specialist, here in the UK.

At that price, you are getting a lot of headset for your money.  From the time I opened the box, I knew this was no ordinary headset.

Opening a new product is always so exciting, and when you open the exterior box on the Hyper X Cloud II, then realise that it is packed inside an additional, beautifully finished red box that you can proudly display on your Shelves of Epic Nerdness, you can see that this is a luxurious quality purchase.


Lift the lid, take a deep sniff at the NEW smell, and enjoy the view…


Right away, I know that this product already delivers on the FEATURES that I’m after.

They’ve even gone one extra, on every other headset I’ve ever bought, by including a second set of ear covers.

The ear covers that ship on the Hyper X Cloud II are leatherette as you find on many other headsets, but they’ve ALSO included a set with a softer, textured finish.   Also, big plus? The ear cavity’s are oval, not round, unlike the Razer Kraken, and they fit my ears! The headband is memory foam, and very comfortable.

Another huge plus feature missing on from the last headset review I did ? On-cord physical volume controls. You can control the volume of what you hear, and of your mic, separately, and there is also a toggle for surround-sound on/off.

The Hyper X Cloud II has a USB connection, but you can also unplug it from the on-cord control panel, to reveal a plug that will fit into any smartphone or mp3 player, so you can use this headset to listen to your music on the move too if you want.  The microphone is also detachable.

I was concerned that the headset would feel heavy after long use, but to date, I have not suffered from headset fatigue at all. This headset was comfortable, straight out of the box, and for the duration of a 3 hour raid. I can happily say that I could wear it all day (and night, lol) without any issues whatsoever.

The only downside is that there are currently only 2 colour options available i.e.  red, and gunmetal. I believe that there may be a a white version with pink accents coming soon, but I keep an eye on social media to be sure.

The sound quality is phenomenal, and the ability to toggle the surround sound on and off as required is an added bonus. The microphone quality I would say is standard to good, and I’ll still be using my Blue Snowball for any specific voiceover work.

Here is a quick promo video from Kingston:


I can personally give they Hyper X Cloud II,  2 thumbs up on all fronts, comfort, price, sound quality etc.  I am very happy with this purchase.

Lastly, this review contains affiliate links from both Amazon which cost you nothing, but help to support my site, if you click through and purchase something as a result. Thank you for reading this far.

Hyper X Cloud II




Sound Quality


Microphone Quality







  • Surround Sound
  • Long Cord, USB plug
  • Interchangeable ear covers
  • On-cord controls
  • Comfortable immediately


  • Only 2 colour options

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