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Garn Nighthowl – Mount

Garn Nighthowl – Mount

Garn Nighthowl is the name of a mount, that you can get from a boss called Nok-Karosh in Frostfire Ridge – with a guaranteed drop.

I repeat…guaranteed drop.

You can go with 2-3 players (or 30) and it is guaranteed to drop ONE mount.

The great thing about Garn Nighthowl is that the mount is Bind on Use – so you can sell it on the Auction House.

garn1Ew!  I just saw all the litter on the ground at the Dark Moon Faire.

Must have been the horde. *grin*




So, in keeping with my goals for this year, I have created another video, to show you how myself and two in-game friends set about claiming this mount as our own.

That’s right – we took three players, that is 2 Survival Hunters and a Shadow Priest.

Just 3.

Not a raid group.

It took us a few attempts to perfect the technique of dealing with the ads and then sorting out the boss, but once we had it sussed out – we repeated our success 6 times over yes, that is we earned ourselves one each, and then an extra one to sell.

Garn Nighthowl (Nok-Karosh that is) has a respawn timer of just 10 minutes.

To deal with the ads, the Shadow Priest uses Mind Control on one of the ads, and one of the Hunter tames another using Wyvern Sting and Tame Beast, at which point we pull the boss…

During this time, we had horde show up (moving to a PVE server…BEST.MOVE.EVER), and attempt to derail us by taunting the boss away, and a blood elf hunter who showed up and tried to misdirect aggro from the boss onto one of us and throw our rhythm off, and we were also whispered by alliance players saying that;

‘it can’t be done, without a raid group…fact’

…while we proceeded to do it right in front of them, which needless to say, was a rather sweet victory…

The trick is, in fact, this rocky outcropping in Frostfire Ridge…


Here’s a video showing you how we did it.  Yes, a proper microphone is on my birthday wishlist (I’m looking at you Razer Seiren!)

Enjoy! Please remember to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel, follow me on twitter, and hey, we have a facebook page now!

Thank you for watching!

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  1. replexgamer

    Maybe it was called that because of something that happened in azeroths lore.

    • Ness

      Yep, could be, but I’m guessing they just named the mount after the ads, but it would be good to know if there is a lore-based reason.


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