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Fantastic Profession Changes for 6.1

Fantastic Profession Changes for 6.1

There are some fantastic profession changes for 6.1 being noted on the latest PTR build, which will affect the time it takes to craft certain items, and have a knock on effect on our ability to make some extra gold.

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While I have been happy about most of the changes that Warlords of Draenor brought I about, I must admit that I struggled to like some of the changes to professions.

What I thought was good:

Garrisons and all that they brought to professions by way of having trainers stationed right there etc.  I also liked that my non-gatherer characters could at least harvest some ore and herbs, without too much trouble. It really does make it easier to just dip into WoW quickly during the day and feel like I’m getting something productive done.

What I did not like:

Daily cooldowns from hell. I’ve always been an active gold maker, and the fact that all the materials that I needed to craft things were gated behind daily cooldowns, put a serious kink in my daily routine.

I understand that Blizzard were attempting to stabilize the market and make it harder for gold sellers (the hardcore, never-leave-a-darkened-room, in violation of ToS types) to grind out mats and go about their business.  The downside to this, is that those of us who legitimately like to spend an hour gathering materials found ourselves standing around with nothing to do, but feel frustrated.

Fantastic Changes to Professions for 6.1 are coming!

Early PTR dataminers shed some light on the great changes that Blizzard are bringing in.

The first of which we heard about was the ability to ‘Rush a Workorder‘.  Basically we will have the ability to complete 5 work orders at once.  (I believe these items are as the result of missions -but stay tuned – this could change, since this is still just PTR).

The second good change I heard, is that all those crafted items that allow you to reroll items on a crafted piece? These will no longer take your highly prized daily cooldown items.

For example:

Live: Leather Refurbishing Kit = 10 Burnished Leather + 10 Raw Beast Hide

PTR: Leather Refurbishing Kit = 30 Raw Beast Hide

This means that creating these items will no longer slow down your production of the items which really count! (Crafted Gear and their respective upgrades!) This is true for all the crafting professions, not just Leatherworking.

But Blizzard aren’t stopping there, they are also introducing an ability to bypass a cooldown by using Primal Spirits! (Think Mists of Pandaria style crafting use Spirits of Harmony). I talked about the wonders of Primal Spirits here.


Recipe Spiritual Leathercraft = 1 Burnished Leather from 1 Primal Spirit + 10 Raw Beast Hide.

This is both good and bad.

Bad, because you can no longer hoard your Primal Spirits and spend them to buy Savage Blood, but good, because it finally means that you can voluntarily choose to go and spend some time farming mobs (for leather in this case) and Primal Spirits.

Any change, that brings back PERSONAL CHOICE is more good than bad, in my opinion so for that Blizzard, here’s a /cheer and a /clap.

Remember, they are also bringing in a way for Alchemists to begin to transmute Savage Blood, from 50 Alchemical Catalysts and Crescent Oil, which solves the problem of all the trash fish in your bags, and since Alchemy used to have masteries (transmutation/elixir/potions) – many of us have more than one alchemist so we are not short of Alchemical Catalyst.

Here’s what I’m going to be doing:

  • Saving Primal Spirit from now on (no more buying Savage Blood, when I’m short from the Barns’s RNG).
  • Spamming my Alchemists workorders, to create and store as many Alchemical Catalyst as possible (I produced too many early on, and stopped crafting them for awhile).
  • Making and storing Crescent Oil from all the Crescent Sabrefish I have lying around.
  • Spare time will no longer be spent idling around in my garrison, but out there farming mobs!

If you want a complete list of all the profession changes datamined thus far, I have only listed Leatherworking as an example, then I recommend you go and read this fantastic post.

Also – this just happened on twitter… ALL GOOD CHANGES!! Finally, something to trade those herbs in for!



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