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Best Build for Valla: Heroes of the Storm

Best Build for Valla: Heroes of the Storm

This is my best build for Valla in Heroes of the Storm

best build for Valla

You may have different choices depending on your team composition, but this is the build I’ve found the most success with.

Composite ArrowsLevel 1Composite Arrows


Level 4Puncturing Arrow


repeating arrowLevel 7Repeating Arrow


strafeLevel 10Strafe


frost shotLevel 13Frost Shot


Level 16Blood for Blood


nexus frenzyLevel 20Nexus Frenzy


When I tried Diablo (during the long hiatus that was post progress in Patch 5.4 in World of Warcraft), I chose to play as Valla (because hunter!), so I was glad to see her being chosen as one of the Heroes to enter the Nexus, probably because I main a hunter in WoW, and look – TWO CROSSBOWS!

Valla can do an insane amount of damage, and with that vault ability – it allows you to leap out of the way of danger, and if you’ve chosen Repeating Arrow as your Level 7 Talent (mouse over talents in the table above to see the tooltip), your Q ability (Hungering Arrow) is refreshed and you can use it again immediately…it hits 3 times! That’s 6 hard shots on one enemy hero, in less than 2 seconds.  N.I.C.E.

Also, look at this Tyrael themed skin called “Angelic Valla” !WANT!


Who is YOUR favourite Hero in the Nexus?

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