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Best Build for Tyrande: Heroes of the Storm

Best Build for Tyrande: Heroes of the Storm

This is my best build for Tyrande in Heroes of the Storm

best build for tyrande

You may have different choices depending on your team composition, but this is the build I’ve found the most success with.

rangers markLevel 1Rangers Mark


protective shieldLevel 4Protective Shield


lunar blazeLevel 7Lunar Blaze


celestial wrathLevel 10Starfall


Level 13Overflowing Light


Level 16Shooting Star


celestial wrathLevel 20Celestial Wrath



Tyrande was the character, that first captured my imagination to the point where I decided to play Heroes of the Storm for fun and enjoyment, instead to a point where I felt confident enought to review the game. I wrote about my experiences with Tyrande here.

The interesting thing with her, is that you can completely customise her build, to be more healer focused, or more damage focused.  The above build, is a more general one, that will allow you to excel at both, which is really handy if you’re going into a Quick Match, and you are not in a party with friends.

Tyrande pairs particularly well with Diablo, since if you  apply Ranger’s Mark, and then Lunar Blaze it will pin your opposing hero, at which point Diablo can do his big ‘grab and slam’ move while you continue to ‘pew-pew’ from a position of strength.

Look at this gorgeous Blood Elf Skin on Tyrande – looks amazing right?

best build for tyrande


Who is YOUR favourite Hero in the Nexus?

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