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Best Build for Tyrael – Heroes of the Storm

Best Build for Tyrael – Heroes of the Storm

This is my best build for Tyrael in Heroes of the Storm

best build for tyrael in heroes of the storm

You may have different choices depending on your team composition, but this is the build I’ve found the most success with.   I researched a series of builds, looking for one that would be strong, but at least let me try and do a bit of everything.

Level 1Regeneration Master


Level 4Amplified Healing


Level 7Reciprocate


Level 10Judgement


Level 13Angelic Absorption


Level 16Blade of Justice


Level 20Angel of Justice



Tyrael hales from Diablo, so suffice it to say, I’m unfamiliar with his backstory, but I received a quest to play a Warrior Hero for three matches, and what can I say – the dude has wings.

I found Tyrael really strong against the likes of Jaina and Valla, and even managed to kill Kerrigan successfully a few times, by myself.

Here is the offical Blizzard Heroes of the Storm, Tyrael trailer… enjoy!

So who is your favourite Warrior Hero in Heroes of the Storm?

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