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Best Build for Lili: Heroes of the Storm

Best Build for Lili: Heroes of the Storm

This is my best build for Lili in Heroes of the Storm

best build for lili

You may have different choices depending on your team composition, but this is the build I’ve found the most success with.


Level 1: Conjurer’s Pursuit


Mass_Vortex_IconLevel 4: Mass Vortex


The_Good_Stuff_IconLevel 7: The Good Stuff


Jug_of_1,000_Cups_IconLevel 10: Jug of 1000 Cups


Shrink_Ray_IconLevel 13: Shrink Ray


Two_For_One_IconLevel 16: Two for One


Jug_of_1,000_Cups_IconLevel 20: Jug of 1 000 000 Cups


Don’t overlook Lili┬ábecause of her unassuming appearance, make no mistake this bouncy little chatty hero, is one of the strongest healers around.

That heroic healing talent, Jug of 1000 cups (which my team and I call ‘Jugs’ for short…as in ‘My Jugs are out!’ – a joke which never gets old, and it’s a talent with a decent cooldown, that always seems to be available RIGHT when you need it – to save your entire team, from certain annihiliation!

Who is YOUR favourite Hero in the Nexus?

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